Is love worth so much that you sacrifice everything in your life?

Everything changes at the Hot Hug clinic when Dr. Jacob Parker, a young surgeon, is added to the team. With his overpowering sexual appeal, his charm, and intense charisma, Doctor Parker is a total woman magnet. He managed to make many women fall deep in love with him over the course of his life resulting in a few heartbreaks and disappointments until the day he met a remarkable woman that made him weak in the knees for her.

As their relationship started, many people started showing their true colors and did not want them to be together. Some of them for professional reasons and others because of pure jealousy and envy. Besides, mixing romance in the workplace always has its repercussions.

Did the young couple make the wrong girl mad? Will they be able to win over the haters and anybody who wants them harmed? And most importantly, are there any limits to the extremes an angry and hurt woman will go to in order to seek revenge?

Download the book, read it, and you will find out some answers to all these questions. 🙂