HOTSHOT MD – Irresistible – Box Set 3

HOTSHOT MD – Irresistible – Box Set 3 – Parts 9, 10, 11 & 12

Sexy boss. Lust… A Devastating outcome?

Bailey is one of the best Surgical Technicians in the hospital. She is entirely committed to her work, as she wants to be the best of the best.

But every Surgical Technician needs a surgeon. Bailey needs a new one because hers is retiring. So, who does she get?

A HotShot hospital golden boy.

It all starts nicely. Strictly professional.
However, she could not resist his charm and sexy body.
Crazy sensual nights, extravagant restaurants, a beautiful apartment…
Birds sing, the sky is blue, flowers bloom… Everything is so perfect and beautiful.

And then…..

All of a sudden, hell. As soon as he revealed his true personality, Bailey wanted out of this bizarre relationship. He was……… not even close to the exterior façade he had painted.

How the hell could Bailey extricate herself from this crazy situation? Her personal and work life were intimately intertwined at this point.

How will she overcome this obstacle?
Does she need help?

HotShot – Irresistible series is a hot contemporary workplace medical romance.

If you like suspense, romance, and sizzling sexy scenes, then you’ll love this series by Rachel J. Green.

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