Midlife Love Story: A Later in Life Grumpy Romance

by Piper Sullivan

I’m just a southern belle hoping to find love before it’s too late ♥

Some might say forty-something is too young to give up on finding love.

But those people are dead wrong.

Forty(ish) is the perfect age to worry about being alone forever.

I’d just about given up, and wouldn’t you know, that’s when a sex-on-a stick younger man waltzed into my life.

The grumpy, albeit hot, Mayor of my Small Town. A man I’d known forever.

He’d always been just my friend’s kid brother.

But now he’s all grown up.

And his sister’s meddling put him right in my path.

Day after day, learning his quirks, his passion for martial arts.

Our shared love of all things barbecue.

It’s just too bad he wants to keep me a secret.