Silver Fox Daddy’s Secret Baby: An Enemies to Lovers Billionaire Romance

by Ivy Karr

She is my student, half my age, and totally off-limits.

After one mind-blowing night, I thought I’d never see her again until the day she walked into my class.

Anna David. A brilliant business student with a sassy mouth.

She challenges me every chance she gets.

This spitfire isn’t about to make it easy.

Yet her rare beauty, unmatched by Aphrodite herself, allures me every day.

Her coke bottle body quenches the thirst of any man.

When word of a fellow professor’s affair with a student spreads like wildfire,

We’re assigned to investigate the scandal together.

But the more time we spend together, the more tension between us melts away.

We vow never to cross the line, but before we know it, we’re at it again.

We must keep this from ever getting out or the consequences could ruin us both.

Especially now that she’s having my baby…