The Back Office: A Forbidden Steamy Romance (“Matchmaker Series” Book 2)

by Summer Rose

Moving to a new building, desperate for clients, one woman finds the distraction of a lifetime when he walks into her life. She wants him and will stop at nothing to have him.



I’m bored. The move to a new office provided a little excitement but new clients are slow in coming.

I need more.

Success or failure depends on these next few months.

I need to remain focused. I have to.

So why is he all I can think about?


Why is it that every date I go on ends the wrong way?

I’m tired of going home alone, disappointed and unsatisfied.

Maybe it’s time I set aside that stubborn demeanor and get a little help.

I wasn’t sure what I was thinking when I scheduled the appointment.

I didn’t what I was getting myself into when I step first stepped into that offering her sitting there, staring at me with those smokey eyes sent chills down my spine.

Is she the one I’ve been missing?

Only one way to find out.

The heat is just turning up with the second steamy volume of the Forbidden Romance Matchmaker Series from acclaimed romance author Summer Rose. Buckle up, this one is about to be scorching.