Moretti Family Mafia Collection: An Enemies to Lovers, Arranged Marriage, Forbidden Love Boxset

by Misty Winters

“Have you ever had the devil’s kiss?” “Um… what?” I wondered if I was so disoriented by his kisses that I heard him wrong. He gave a sinister smile and asked more directly.”

If you love dominant, filthy talking alpha males then don’t hesitate to dive into these 3 full-length novels. Each book is not only a #1 best seller in multiple categories, but the enemies to lovers, arranged marriage, and forbidden love tropes will have you begging for more.

Here’s what other’s have said:

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“Taming the Bad Boy”

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“Awesome Boxset!!!”

Books included:

His Prisoner

Antonio and Mia’s story:

He captured me and like any a**hole, he refuses to return me. Antonio Moretti is a beautiful devil and I’ve become a prisoner in his family’s mansion—a plaything for his every whim. I shouldn’t like what he does to me behind closed doors. I could never love the most dangerous man in the world. Or could I?

Bound to Him

Huxley and Olivia’s story:

I’m the eldest of the Romano children and accustomed to the mafia scene but dislike the world of organized crime. I was destined to marry Huxley first, but one wrong decision changed all that. Staining my hands bright red and causing my sister to be next in line to marry that womanizing bastard. A true villain lurks beneath all that passion!!

Claimed by Him

Tony and Fiona’s story:

I’ve known Tony Romano my whole d**mn life, and I hate that b****rd’s guts. I know he’s the one that killed my future husband that I was betrothed to since I was in the crib, but I kept that little secret to myself knowing it would cause a war between our families. I don’t care if the grumpy as***le is sinfully handsome with gorgeous eyes or has that toned bubble butt every sculptor must dream of. I hate Tony and he hates me, so why do I enjoy our witty banter every time we are forced in each other’s proximity or the way my heart feels like it’s going to beat out of my chest the way he looks at me. All I really want is to take control of my own life, travel the globe and most of all NEVER marry. I refuse to settle into a destined life of being a mafia wife with no decisional capacity. Ironically, the moment I let myself be free to love and be loved was the moment that I lost my freedom.

The Moretti Family Collection is a steamy mafia series that features the enemies to lovers, arranged marriage, and forbidden love tropes and all are full length novels with some trigger warnings, so make sure you check them out! There’s no cheating, cliffhangers, and always a guaranteed HEA.

Enjoy the spice and good luck trying to stop reading!