Pretending with the Bad Boy Protector: An Enemies to Lovers Brother's Best Friend Romance

by Eliza Sloane


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When I agreed to a fake relationship with my brother's best friend, I didn’t realize the cost would be losing my daughter.

Just before my brother’s wedding, I’m tasked with finalizing the wedding activities with the worst-man Eric Andrews, his tattooed playboy best friend.

We fight like cats and dogs and just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, then my ex shows up. Eric shocks me by stepping in and posing as my devoted partner.

A cautious truce forms between us, leading to late-night planning sessions and witty banter over morning coffee.

I know my brother would kill me, but I can’t get Eric out of my head…or my dreams. The way he can effortlessly make my daughter laugh and how he continues to shield me from my jealous ex has me falling...hard.

But just before the wedding, my life changes completely when my daughter goes missing.

Eric heroically searches for her but I don’t know if he is the key to her safety or the cause of her disappearance.