Dragon Cowboy Playboy: Draconia Series 4: Dragon Shifter Paranormal Cowboy Romance (Draconia Cowboy Dragon Shifters)

by Jean Stokes

What can I say? Women love me. If I’m honest, I love them, too. But right now, only one woman interests me…

Maddox ~

t’s the new girl at the bar. She’s unlike any woman I’ve ever met. She’s vegan, hates horses, and things cattle is disgusting. If that’s not unusual enough, she also thinks members of our police department are corrupt.

Barrie ~

I’m a big city girl who will never get used to small town life, no matter what anyone says. The mixture of cattle, broken dreams, and tumbleweeds are enough to make me want to pack my bags. But when I witness officers involved in a drug deal, small town Montana suddenly looks a lot more interesting.

That comes with inherent problems like finding someone willing to listen to my theories and let our budding romance blossom…

Action packed, steamy, suspenseful. Maddox and Barrie had a great chemistry and were both very engaging. A really exciting story filled with humour and drama. A great way to end a series.

This was a great series. All the dragon shifters are so protective of their loved ones. They finally destroy the bad guys in law enforcement in talon springs and Cheyenne. Then the council of the elders to approve or not their human ladies. Read it to findout,

This is the fourth book in the series and it didn’t disappoint. Maddie, being the fourth dragon to finally find his mate, wraps up this series in style. Between the corruption in the police department, drug dealers and murderers it all seemed to finally come to a resolution. Great read

This was a great ending to this series! The main characters were banter was hilarious and their chemistry was steamy. The suspense/drama was perfect. The supporting characters helped make the book great!

Author Note

This is a steamy dragon shifter romance with an independent heroine, a hunky alpha, a dash of humor and a healthy dose of steamy scenes!

It is standalone but part of a wider series of 4 books set in the same town with overlapping characters

Steam & language alert 18+ only: I don’t want your angry vigilante mama after me! If you aren’t eighteen then go read Harry Potter, mind your language and eat your broccoli!

If you’re looking for contemporary steamy romance with military veterans or paranormal alphas, then you’ve found your new favorite author!