Billion-Dollar Attitudes: A Contemporary Romantic Suspense Collection

by J.P. Comeau

Get ready to immerse yourself in the high-stakes world of powerful men, strong women, and the billion-dollar attitudes that guide their lives. In this contemporary romantic suspense collection, find yourself lost in a web of passion, drama, danger, and love that defies all odds.

One Big Surprise: As single mom navigates through a new life in sunny California, an unexpected reunion with a one-night stand from her past turns her world upside down. With a sudden danger looming, she must trust her new boss, who’s unaware he’s the father of her child.

One Big Dare: A driven executive is forced into a pretend engagement with a grumpy billionaire. As sparks fly, they grapple with their feelings and a mysterious threat that can turn their pretend love into a deadly reality.

One Big Mistake: A reclusive author finds herself falling for her best friend’s playboy brother. Their journey of love and self-discovery becomes a dangerous dance when a stalker threatens their peace.

One Big Jerk: The ex-flame and the woman who couldn’t stand him find themselves on a date that spirals into a nightmare. Battling a haunting past and a sinister stalker, they must fight to protect their future and the life growing within her.

One Big Secret: A powerful executive unexpectedly becomes a single dad and turns to his trusted friend to care for his daughter. Their relationship is tested by desire, a dangerous past, and a relentless killer determined to end their love story.

One Big Lie: A woman rediscovers love with an old flame across the miles. As they navigate their renewed relationship, they’re caught in a dangerous corporate scandal that threatens their education, relationship, and their lives.

Every book in the Billion-Dollar Attitudes Collection is a page-turner of suspense, longing, and the undeniable power of love discovered in the most unlikely places. Join these resilient characters as they dare to navigate through the perils of love, secrets, and lies. This rollercoaster ride of emotion isn’t just another romance; it’s an adventure into the passionate hearts and billion-dollar attitudes that make these stories come to life. Prepare to be captivated!