My Broken Hero: A Small Town Best Friends to Lovers Romance

by Madi Grace

There he is—Beau Campbell, my childhood best friend, the boy who always raced to my rescue.

He looks more handsome than any man has the right to be.

I’m back in our sleepy hometown and suddenly single.

Running into Beau, it’s like high school all over again, but with the added baggage of a broken engagement and a desire to put myself back together.

Living under his roof, it’s difficult to ignore the tension that sizzles between us.

He’s the same Beau, yet more. His scar, his gaze, his strength, all more intense than I remember.

Hold on.

I’ve just run away from one man’s suffocating love.

But Beau’s icy blue gaze holds the promise of safety, a shelter from the storm of my past.

And it also holds temptation, a threat to the walls I’ve painstakingly built around my heart.

I don’t know if I can risk my heart for the boy turned man who has always held a piece of it.

But the heat of this reunion may become a fire I can’t put out.