Surprise Pregnancy with the Billionaire: Age-Gap Opposites Attracts Romance

by Amelia Perry


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Handing my V-card to my dad’s best friend was supposed to be a one-night stand, not an express ticket to motherhood.

I’m the new Charity Event Manager for Knight Enterprise.

My dad and I attended the charity gala hosted by the Billionaire Ethan Knight, the CEO, and my dad’s best friend.

He is in his mid-forties but his chiseled physique and strong jawline showcased his rugged charm. Our eyes met and an unspoken connection laid bare our shared desires.

He took my hand and led me onto the dance floor. I’m unable to resist the pull towards him. The music seemed to slow down as we moved, our bodies in sync.

As the night concluded, we exploded in each other’s arms making love in his penthouse suite.

Now, I’m scared of my dad’s reaction if he were to find out about me and Ethan.

What do I do..I hide it like any sane and ambitious young woman would.

But, the secret doesn’t stay hidden forever because now I’m pregnant with his baby.