One Bossy Fake Marriage : Ex’s Brother Billionaire Romance

by Ashton Grey

Marriages come with a lot of baggage, even fake ones.

I never thought I’d agree to a fake marriage, especially not with Noah, my ex-boyfriend’s billionaire brother. But when my

financial situation took a turn for the worse, I had no choice.

Noah was the CEO of the company where I worked, and he offered me financial security in exchange for a fake marriage.

He was the ” sunshine” and I was “damaged and grumpy,” but we were stuck with each other.

As we spent more time together, I began to see Noah in a new light. Despite our differences, we began to develop feelings for each other.

Just when things were going exceptionally, a whirlwind of obstacles made its way to us, including the arrival of my ex-

boyfriend, Noah’s jealous ex-girlfriend, and *drumroll* A surprise pregnancy!

Will Noah and I be able to face these challenges and will our love for each other continue to grow?