The Ivankov Empire: Dark Mafia Suspense – Full Four Book Collection

by Amber Adams

BRUTAL CAPTOR a steamy and addictive contemporary enemies-to-lovers romance. It is also the first book of four in the Ivankov Empire. If you like explosive chemistry, high-stakes criminal wars, suspenseful twists, & passionate non-stop action then you’ll adore Amber Adams’s gripping tale and the introduction to the Empire.

One Wild Ride! A fabulous binge-worthy story. Read about ER Doc April and Valentin in this tightly written story. You can see their love grow and how they overcome all the obstacles in their way. You’ll get all of the drama, tension, mystery, kidnapping, romance and love. Ms. Adams sets a fast pace with bumps and bruises aplenty. Buckle your seatbelt and hold on tight. This is one wild ride! Strongly recommended to lovers of mob romances, enemies to lovers, and good books in general. Amazon Reviewer


THE HUNTER & THE HUNTED a scorching hot friends-to-lovers second chance dark romance. If you were intrigued by Maxim in Brutal Captor and wanted more of him, now is your chance to indulge! This is the second of the four books in the Ivankov Empire. If you like formidable heroes, action-packed drama, & feverish nights, you’ll adore Amber Adams’ arousing tale.

I felt like I was watching a movie. Simply awesome!

Totally fabulous. At leat 6☆ – Perfect!!.”This story had me with my heart in my throat. Max is amazing and Liz is just perfect for him, though I’m absolutely jealous of her.” Amazon Reviewers


REBEL HEIR a tense and magnetic enemies-to-lovers mafia suspense romance. Fall in love with this unstoppable duo as their mutual desire for power over the other turns to red hot irresistible passion. In this third of the four books within the Ivankov Empire, you’ll get to know the second generation of the Ivankov family! If you like illicit corruption, strong-willed characters, secrets, and betrayals avenged you’ll be left panting for more by Amber Adams’ rebellious romance.

A trip to Italy indeed! Absolutely loved this series! What girl doesn’t love a dangerous gentleman. Insert swoon! I literally felt like I was in Italy this book is just so well written. The story had me gripping my phone (Kindle girl here) and screaming out loud! Definitely a re-reader. Amazon Review


RISE OF CORRUPTION a thrilling dark Russian mafia legacy suspense romance. Escape deep within the Ivankov empire to find out if the dreams of youth can survive the test of time or if love & devotion can be your greatest enemy. This final story in the Ivankov Empire features Matvey Kuznetsov (son of Maxim Kuznetsov) and the princess of the Ivankov empire, Kristina Ivankov. If you like stealthy corruption, secrets revealed, and blackmail revenged you’ll be left hungry for more by Amber Adams’ satisfying romance.

Amazing series! Dark, raw, gritty, emotionally charged, non-stop action, twists and turns. Mafia at its best. Wonderfully written characters that are captivating, likable, relatable, and extremely multi-layered, off the charts chemistry, drama, suspenseful, unforgettable and unputdownable. There really are no perfect words to express how phenomenal this series is. You will nor be disappointed. Amazon Review


These are the four titles that contain the complete story of the Ivankov Mafia Empire.

Readers were first introduced to the exciting and love-steeped world of the formidable Valentin Ivankov last year and have fallen in love with the likes of Valentin himself, Maxim, Alexei & Matvey.

The 4 stories cover 2 generations of non-stop suspense, intrigue & hot hot hot romance!

All FOUR standalone titles are now condensed to ONE SINGLE title.

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