Off-Limits Protectors: An Enemies to Lovers Romance Boxset

by Eliza Sloane


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Experience an adrenaline-fueled romance as three fractured protectors defy all odds and fall in love with their enemies in this captivating box set.

Enemy Billionaire Protector:

Jake Arnold, my boss, is mean, rude, and the most gorgeous man I’ve ever met.

Most days, I can’t decide if I want to rip off his clothes or rip him a new one.

My head keeps telling me no, but everything else in me is screaming hell yes. As long as we both agree not to catch feelings, everything will be fine... Right?


In an instant, everything changes. He goes from being my dirty little secret to my knight in shining armor.

I have to tell him how I feel, that is, if we survive the night.

Off-Limits Marine Protector:

It was supposed to just be a one-night stand. Now, Tessa Walker is my only hope for clearing my name.

My life has been a mess since I left the Marines.

In trying to do the right thing, I lost everything.

As the ghosts from my former life close in, she gets caught in the crossfire.

She’s nothing more to me than a beautiful distraction. Yet I can’t seem to keep my mind off of her.

Court files, crime scene photos, and our clothes litter the bedroom floor.

My new mission is clear now: I must protect her at all costs.

Stuck with the Enemy Protector:

My mother’s dying wish was that I never return to my hometown.

If only I could remember why I needed to stay away.

The town’s bad boy turned billionaire has his eyes set on my family’s estate, and he’s my old flame, Ethan McWealth…

A fake engagement to save the property traps us together, and our animosity turns to burning attraction.

He tries to shield me from my painful history, but the longer we’re here, the more I need to uncover about myself.

When a stalker unveils the mysteries of my past, secrets threaten my life and the fragile bond I’ve rebuilt with Ethan.

The more we uncover the truth, the more I wish I had listened to my mother.