Secret Baby of The Don (Second Chance, Enemies to Lovers Mafia Romance)

by Lexi Lovejoy

Ten years ago he disappeared leaving me pregnant and alone in the snow.

Now he’s back and holding me hostage.

As the daughter and heir to a powerful Mafia Don I know my life is always at risk,

but I never imagined that he would be the one to kidnap me.

Even though I despise him, I’m hungry for his touch.

With every kiss my body obeys him but I will never let him in my heart again.

Feeling him inside me is like coming home as his hands unravel me.

Pleasure rockets through me with every thrust and I feel my resolve slipping away.

Our crime families are now at war and he was sent to take me out of the equation.

If he chooses to protect me then we will both become a target.

He was my dirty little secret that broke my heart,

But now the secrets I keep are from him – especially about the son he never knew he had.