Second Chance for Forbidden Love: Grumpy Billionaire Boss

by C. R. Pearl


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Jamila Dean, a young, sassy, and independent social media consultant, is thriving in her career.

Unbeknownst to her, Jamila’s next big project will bring her face-to-face with her past. Malik Newman, a grumpy billionaire with a successful real estate investment and consulting company.

Malik is the sole owner of a multi billion dollar real estate investment and consulting company located in metro Atlanta, Georgia.

Their past professional history is rife with tension, but what Malik doesn't know is that Jamila has been keeping a secret – a child he fathered with her during their time working together!.

As Malik and Jamila are forced to collaborate on a high-profile social media campaign, old wounds resurface. Jamila, determined to maintain her independence, clashes with Malik 's gruff demeanor. When Malik accidentally discovers Jamila's secret child, the dynamics shift. Now, in addition to navigating their tumultuous professional relationship, they must confront the challenges of co-parenting.

As the project progresses, Jamila's vibrant personality begins to break down the emotional walls Malik has built around himself. The two find themselves entangled in a web of passion and past regrets. Against the backdrop of Atlanta's urban landscape, they explore the complexities of love, family, and forgiveness.