Grumpy Baby Daddies: An Enemies to Lovers Pregnancy Romance Box Set

by Cassandra Russell

Pop Quiz: Which alpha grump would you get knocked up by:

(a) Sizzling Las Vegas billionaire

(b) Hot celebrity doctor

(c) Sports star heartthrob

(d) Ruggedly handsome storm chaser

Great news: You can have all the abovein this FOUR FULL LENGTH NOVEL steamy contemporary romance collection by Cassandra Russell!

This collection includes:

Baby for Doctor Grump: A Forbidden Age-Gap Pregnancy Romance

You don’t get into med school by taking stupid risks and I never do anything irresponsible.

Until I saw Maxwell Benson: world renowned celebrity doctor turned small town professor.

Of course, I didn’t know that when he gave me the most mind-blowing night of my life.

But then I walked into his class, and the arrogant prick proceeded to humiliate me.

But I need a fake fiancé and he’s perfect for the role.

How will I get him to agree?

The two little lines on this pregnancy test may help…

Grump Savior: An Enemies to Lovers Pregnancy Romance

First, he saved my life. Then, I couldn’t stand him. Now, I’m having his baby.

Jackson Thomas is an obnoxious tornado-chasing alpha grump.

Pretty much the last person a proper meteorologist like me should get involved with

But you try getting pulled from a car wreck by an Adonis like him and not melting when those gorgeous sapphire eyes meet yours.

I didn’t think it would lead to the most pleasurable experience of my life.

Mistakes were definitely made.

But I’ve walked away from tornadoes in one piece. I should be able to walk away from this too, right?

That’s what I thought until I see two little pink lines.

Grumpy Hero: A Sports Star Pregnancy Romance

My high school crush is back in town and needs a fake wife… What could possibly go wrong?

No one who managed to escape this boring small town ever comes back.

Except for ultra-famous and ridiculously hot baseball player Nash Lewis, apparently.

And nothing has changed – he’s still a giant prick and I still have this stupid crush on him.

When he sees me, he doesn’t remember who I am and asks me out.

He wants me to pretend to be his wife so he doesn’t lose his gazillion-dollar contract.

In return, I get a fat check and all my problems solved.

No feelings, no drama, just fake married bliss.

It all seems perfect until I get knocked up.

Maybe this is actually love and he’ll choose me forever.

Or maybe he’ll bolt out of this town as fast as he can.

One thing’s for sure, things are about to get very messy…

Grumpy Bosshole: A Fake Fiancé Billionaire Romance

Dumped by my fiancé? Check.

Broke as a joke? Check.

Stranded thousands of miles from home? Check.

I did what any innocent small town girl would do: got a job at a strip club! It is Vegas after all…

Not stripping. Oh no, that’s too scandalous for the likes of lil ol’ me. But my prick of an ex took the liberty of draining my bank account, and I needed a job fast. I thought I was going to become a bag lady. That is, until I walked into The Rose, a club run by the irresistible Mason Alexander. Rich. Mysterious. Gorgeous. And possesses a silver tongue he wants to use to talk me into stripping… and I just want him to use it for something else…

That would never happen though.

But then why give me a job? Pity probably. That, or he still wants me to strip.

At least that’s what I thought until he asked me to marry him…