Falling for My Ex's Billionaire Brother

by Penelope A. Ryan


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I fell for my one-night stand only to discover he was my ex’s brother.

My ex convinced him I was using him for revenge.

I let my dream man walk away believing a lie.

7 years later, I'm about to lose everything.

There was only one grumpy billionaire who could help me.

I walked up to his Bentley when I felt myself start to faint.

I woke in his arms to see anger and passion in his eyes.

He told me he won’t give me another chance to hurt him.

I explained our night wasn’t revenge on his brother.

He pulled me into his arms and our lips met with burning need.

This was too perfect, I can’t let him go again.

He stopped by my house with a bouquet of roses.

I opened the door as my son walked around the corner.

Remember that night 7 years ago…