Ruthless Boss: A Billionaire and a Virgin Romance (Dirty Billionaire Club Book 1)

by Claire Angel

Finally, I have my innocent personal assistant right where I want her.

Off-balance. Turned on. Ready for my touch.

I never imagine she will ever step inside the dirtiest club in the country.

The place is filled with debauchery and sin, exactly the kind of place a good girl like her wouldn’t be caught dead in.

No one comes here unless they’re looking for a good time.

It’s that kind of club. No strings attached, hook up in every flavor of kink you can imagine.

So when I see Sandra Hart standing like a newborn fawn on wobbly legs, I walk up behind her, ready to claim her. I’ve wanted her from the moment I saw her, after all.

It is real fun making her tremble and for the first time I could see the desire in her eyes.

I know she wants me too…

Or so I thought. Turns out, she’s here at my club, Club Red, for another reason.

Except she’s not here to relinquish her v-card to me like a good girl. No, she’s here to ruin my whole damn night.

But that’s okay; I always get what I want.

And I want her.

Warning: Adults Only!