Axe’s Havoc: Fake Relationship Romance, Alpha Male Protecting a Feisty Female, Changing Identity due to Livelihood Threatened, Kidnapped in a Small Town, Bad Boy Bike (Wheel Mongers MC Book 1)

by Jean Marie

I’m in more trouble than I’d originally thought…

My life is in danger and this stranger named Axe is offering me protection.

The only catch?

I would have to completely change my identity and pretend to be his…

Road Rage MC is after my life.

I hate my brother for putting me in this position, and I can’t believe that I’m having to pay for his wrongdoings.

Axe looks like a Greek God and his chiseled body momentarily makes me forget that his kisses are just for show.

He holds me like my life depends on it.

Honestly, it does.

I couldn’t leave his side if I wanted to.

Pretending to be his woman is getting easier by the day.

But our problems seem to be getting bigger by the moment.

Now there’s a bounty on me. It’s no longer about the money.

It’s about revenge.

Would Axe be able to shield me from the madness and keep me from ending up dead?