Baby Daddy Billionaires Box Set: Enemies to Lovers Romance Stories

by Dakota Nash

Three billionaire enemies to lovers romances wrapped into one hot box set.

Book One: Baby Daddy SEAL

I never dreamed I could be locked up with and knocked up by my dad’s best friend.

I’m trapped in a military facility with an arrogant, breathtakingly handsome, unwaveringly loyal, Navy SEAL.

Brian hasn’t seen me since I was a teenager and he can’t keep his bedroom eyes off of me.

I’m new to the FBI and I’ve been assigned to work with him.

Oh, did I mention I am hot as hell for him too?

The only man that truly satisfies me, he makes me shudder to my core with desire.

The attraction between us is undeniable but completely off-limits.

It will crush my dad; he would never forgive either of us.

I thought it was just complicated, but then two pink stripes turned up on a stick.

Book Two: Baby Daddy BOSS

A one-night stand with the sexiest man I ever met left me with a son. Learning he was my new boss was an enormous shock.

The hot, smart, yet grumpy professor didn’t recognize me the day I was assigned to be his T.A.

I thought the white-hot passion we shared that night five years ago was just a one-time thing.

Sharing an office and working together ignited the same flames that sparked our lava-hot chemistry.

He may be grumpy in the classroom, but the heat between us becomes irresistible.

His hot kisses and soft strokes melt my resistance.

I cannot tell him my child, my whole life and reason for being, is his too.

Until he bumps into us in the park.

Aldrich puts the pieces together with resistance and denial.

I’m torn between which battle to fight…

For a life with my son alone, or for a love that fills my heart to the core and a life together.

Book Three: Baby Daddy BILLIONAIRE SEAL

My brother’s best friend agrees to a fake marriage. He’s an off-limits and off-the-charts hunk.

I need a husband to land my dream job, so I turned to the last person I ever thought I’d ask for help.

He’s an X-Navy SEAL, a billionaire bad boy, and hotter than sin.

Oh, did I mention I hate his guts? And I swear he hates me back.

We agreed to keep it strictly business, but our chemistry became undeniable.

When pretending turns playful, and we banter and bicker, our tension quickly becomes sizzling hot.

My brother warned me about Jake; if he finds out we moved from platonic to passionate, this could all explode.

Jake’s hidden motivation to sell his newest IT systems to influential people nearly got me fired.

With everything on the line – my job, reputation, and heart, I have to navigate the unexpected twists of our fake marriage while keeping it secret.

And just when things couldn’t get more complicated, it turns out I’m pregnant.

I’m not sure which secret to keep.