The Jamyson Effect: A Contemporary Romance Boxed Set

by Denean Dawson

“The Jamyson Effect is a sexy and sizzling romance boxset that is a perfect way to cozy up on a cold afternoon.” -Kindle reviewer

“Hours of reading pleasure in this romantic quad.” – Kindle reviewer

Don’t Give Up

All he knows is hurt. She’s haunted by her past. Can two broken souls become whole?

Denise is pretty sure the universe is against her finding love. So, when a handsome man bumps her and causes her to spill wine on her shirt, she refuses to allow him to buy her another drink, replace her outfit, or even do more than apologize.

He leaves her with his number, in case she changes her mind.

Gerard can’t get the woman from the restaurant out of his mind. So, when she sends him a message, he’s cautiously excited. Except the scars from his military past won’t allow him to have a serious relationship—his broken parts can’t be healed. He’s sure their relationship is over before it has a chance to begin…but sometimes fate won’t take no for an answer.

Uncovered Love

What if your soul mate was masquerading as your best friend?

Laura Chaisson is scared to love. All her relationships have ended poorly and she’s giving up hope. The problem is, Laura secretly wishes for the fairy-tale, and even knows whom she wants it with. But is the chance at a happily ever after worth the risk of losing a close friend?

Will Goddard never lacked confidence. Until he met Laura. She’s one of his closest friends, yet Will thinks about Laura in ways that aren’t entirely…friendly. Something about her makes Will feel protective and more than a little flustered, in more ways than one.

Can Will and Laura overlook the risks to their friendship and let the spark growing between them ignite? If things go wrong, it could ruin everything, but what happens if things go right?

One Step Forward

Sometimes the most unexpected encounters can change our lives forever.

Melissa Downing is a successful business owner who’s just embarked on a California fresh start. With a new lease on life, she wants nothing more than to fall in love. After a day of work, she meets someone who will change her life forever…Liam Hedgeworth, a stubborn overachiever working in the film industry.

Not one to date just anybody, there is something intriguing about Liam. So, she gives him a chance. As they spend more time together, intense feelings begin to develop. However, as their romance is blooming, the pressures of Liam’s latest film project overwhelm him and threaten the budding relationship.

Will Liam realize the error of his ways in order to fill the one gaping hole in his life?

Feel The Heat

Danielle doesn’t need love—she’s a successful business owner…and business is booming. But the hot owner of the competitor down the street is about to challenge everything.

Danielle owns her own new restaurant and it’s taking off! So, when Marcus, the owner of an established restaurant, starts a feud, she’s not about to back down. Who does this guy think he is? She got where she is through hard work and good food. If he doesn’t like her being in town, he can leave.

Marcus will do anything to protect his customer base. No new rival restaurant will steal away his business without a fight. A maddening barrage of one-upmanship begins, and he’s going to win.

But when these two meet, sparks fly. Neither can deny the chemistry between them. Will they be able to handle the heat? Or will someone wind up getting burned?

This is a follow-on series that includes characters from the Jamyson Brothers Madison Heights series (Conflicted Affection and To Love A Jamyson).

Don’t miss out on this 4-book series containing storylines that are spicy and entertaining with characters that touch your heart and make you feel the chemistry they create together. Click now to feel the heat.