Secretly Expecting: Historical Mail Order Bride Romance

by Felicity Monroe

Jessie Perkins has a secret. One that no one can know about.

If her past catches up with her, she will be ruined. Reputations will be tarnished.

The only option she has left is to start a new life out West as a mail order bride. Her seductive charm takes her to the open plains of Wyoming where she meets a ranch owner, the man she hopes will one day become her husband… but she has to act fast.

Jessie has a plan and everything will turn out alright. It has to.

Her life as well as the life of her secret; an unborn child conceived from one regretful night, depends entirely on Jessie making all the right decisions.

Benjamin Hardy. Charming. Rugged. A rough around the edges cowboy.

A gentleman with a tough exterior and a mysterious air about him. To Benjamin, honor is paramount. It’s time to settle down. Start a family. Find a wholesome wife.

But what meets Benjamin out West is more than he could have ever imagined. The second Benjamin lays eyes on Jessie, he wants her. Deeply. Passionately.

Lust becomes love.

This is everything Jessie could have ever wanted. The man of her dreams. The perfect life. But the guilt of her secret is too much to bear. As ghosts from her past begin to resurface, their quiet idyllic life slowly begins to a spiral into a storm of chaos.

Will her plan ultimately destroy any chance of happiness she has?

Can Benjamin find forgiveness for the woman he now loves?


This book contains some sexual content and is intended for mature audiences.