Hating my Billionaire Boss: An Age Gap Accidental Pregnancy Romance

by Nora Michelle

I was about to greet our billionaire CEO for the first time, when I realized I already knew him – intimately.

But I never got his name or number when we first “met” and I hadn’t seen him since.

When the elusive CEO came to visit, I was offered up as his new personal assistant by my boss.

But there are worse things than being demoted to fetching coffee and picking up dry cleaning.

Like finding out he is the hot older man who made my body ache with passion for one epic night a year ago.

Who then ditched me in the morning without a word.

He acted like nothing ever happened, and I hated him.

But being so close made it impossible for me to fight my desire.

And I had a feeling this serious, brooding boss struggled with each sultry look we shared.

Boss and assistant relationships invite risks that even he can’t escape.

We can endure suspicion and jealousy.

But now there’s something I’m not sure we can…


Someone is threatening his career, and mine, if I tell him I’m pregnant.