Surprise Baby for my Enemy Ex: A Billionaire Boss Second Chance Romance

by Kyra Lang


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The last person I expected to roll over and see after a wild night out is Elliott, my high school sweetheart.

We were the it couple until he unceremoniously dumped me the day after graduation.

Ten years later, I’m back in NY and score my dream job.

Only after I accept the position do I meet the CEO. You guessed it: Elliott.

He's now mature and sophisticated, with broad shoulders and a jawline that can cut glass.

Unresolved feelings and personality clashes turn the boardroom into a battlefield.

Until one night, working late, we’re unable to resist the lure of one another’s body.

I’m tempted by the prospect of a do-over, but I can’t forget how he left me high and dry all those years ago.

Old secrets come to light, risking our chance at a happily ever after.

Except now I’ve got a secret of my own: Elliott’s baby growing inside me.