A Castle Falls Christmas: Box Set Collection

by Jamie Knight


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… in Castle Falls!

And things sure are heating up around here.

I never knew I’d meet such a hot guy in my small hometown.

Let alone one who is the mayor’s son.

He’s much older than me and he’s my father’s business rival.

Suffice it to say that both our parents would disapprove.

But he’s pursuing me hard at the town Christmas party.

And his game’s so good I decide to let him take my virginity.

I’ve been wanting to lose it anyway.

So, what’s wrong with spending just one night with him?

I’m headed back to New York City, after all.

And no one will have to know about our little tryst.

Yet soon I find that I can’t get him off my mind.

And about a month later, I begin to suspect something else.

He just might have put a baby in me!

Now it will be really hard to forget about him.

And I’m not so sure I want to.

Should I return to Castle Falls to tell him?

Or is it best to keep my heart out of forbidden, festive fun?

This collection contains contemporary romance books that are set in Castle Falls, take place over the holidays and combine heart and heat just in time for Christmas. Some have connected characters or storylines in addition to the linked setting, and all are standalones with no cheating, no cliffhangers and yet with plenty of happily ever afters and holiday steam!

The titles included in this big bundle of holiday hotness are the following previously published books: A Second Chance for ChristmasA Fiancé for Christmas, A Baby for ChristmasChristmas GrumpChristmas Do-OverChristmas HeroScared to Love, Wishing for Love, White as Snow, Red as Ribbon, Green as Mistletoe, and Red and White as Santa’s Hat.

The box set also includes a previously unpublished book that’s currently exclusive to this box set: Silver as Tinsel, for your continued reading pleasure!