Sincere Proposal by the Billionaire: An Love at First Sight Romance

by Farrah S Taylor

A meeting, A drink, and A one night stand turns into a pregnancy…

I was hired to investigate him. The plan is simple… Introduce myself, get a drink, and tell him about his family’s secret.

End of case.

Until I met him….

His blue eyes, and a jaw dropping body was just irresistible. I felt a tingling in my nervous system that sent thousands of thoughts about how to kiss him.. Guess what?

I found myself close to his body in an empty room. SMH

I can’t allow my feelings to get in the way of investigating him, his secret to being one of the billionaires has to come out. For what’s worth, all I have to do is to tell him who he was.

After the meeting and a time together, parting ways was hard to do. But I know, in time, I will see him again..

And in that time, I will have another secret to tell.