The Las Vegas Billionaires Collection: A Billionaire Romance Series

by Ana Swan


Books included in this series:

The Billionaire Mogul

Stuck in Vegas with a Billionaire Alpha A-Hole that I love to hate!

My plan was simple. Finish my Vegas residency and jet off for a glamorous world tour. I didn’t want this residency, and he was going to learn this the hard way!

The alpha a-hole, billionaire, and self-proclaimed music God is the reason I’m stuck in this hellhole.

I hated him the minute we met, and I was going to press all his buttons to get out of Vegas.

Except, he moves me into his penthouse to keep me in check and I find out that I love to hate my hot billionaire boss.

I hadn’t planned on flirting with him…

I hadn’t planned on wanting him…

Vincent Matthews always gets what he wants. Looks like he’s about to get my V-card.

The Billionaire Genius

He’s my best friend’s brother and my new boss — and I accidentally married him.

He's a complete grump, but he’s also six foot, four inches of solid muscle with panty-melting ripped abs and a billion-dollar bank account that puts Warren Buffet’s to shame.

When his assistant — his sister and my best friend — goes on maternity leave, I reluctantly step in to help. She’d created a monster by doing everything for her much older big brother whom I was certain hated my guts.

So when I RSVP to a gala night, I didn’t expect to kiss the boss, let alone wake up in bed the next day as the new Mrs. Heath…

He says his sister will kill us both; he’s right — she will.

He says it’s all one big mistake.

Spencer and I are polar opposites, but opposites attract, and I’ll do whatever it takes to get my “happily ever after” with my billionaire genius.

The Billionaire Quarterback

I can’t believe I went from a one-night stand with a billionaire quarterback to being his fake fiance.

I’m not the kind of cheerleader that sleeps with the opposition's star quarterback.

But who wouldn’t want to bed Las Vegas' most eligible bachelor?

We shared one night of magic that rocked my world. No strings attached, just fun.

I’d never planned to see him again.

So how does Las Vegas' most eligible bachelor react when he meets his daughter?

He asks me to be his fake fiancé till we figure things out. It's just temporary.

But the longer I watch him with Macie, the more my heart and panties melt.

The harder it is to resist him and the more this fake engagement starts to feel real.

The Billionaire Daredevil

He kissed me, broke my heart and now he’s my patient.

I spent every single day hoping that he’d kiss me.

And then one day he did.

The very next day he left to claim his inheritance leaving me heartbroken.

He's a billionaire daredevil with a death wish. He’s wild and hot. The kinda hot that melts your panties with a smile.

I thought I’d never see him again. But guess who ends up as his nurse when a stunt goes wrong?


The more time I spend with him, the harder it becomes not to fall for him.

Except I’m his nurse and he is my patient. We shouldn’t cross that line.

He and I have unfinished business, and this time, he’s the one fighting for our second chance.

The Billionaire Dad

He's the irresistible billionaire who challenges every rule I live by.

Employed as his son's nanny, I never anticipated his magnetic pull.

But he's off-limits, and my job—and heart—hang in the balance.

Forced together under the same roof, the line between professionalism and desire blurs. His touch ignites a fire within me, unraveling my resolve piece by piece.

When fate sweeps us into an unexpected adventure,

I'm left wondering if I can continue to resist.

You cannot blame me for risking everything for the man who makes my every fantasy come alive!