Wolf’s Awakening – 6 Book Box Set: Rejected Lover Wolf Shifter Steamy Romance

by Jean Stokes

All 6 books of this steamy wolf shifter romance series in one box set so you can finally read them all in one go!

Life as an outcast has taken a toll on me. Now, it’s my time to shine, but at what cost?

I’ve been an outcast too long. Years of bullying and being case aside has made me shrink into myself, and that’s exhausting…

…I deserve happiness…I want a life free of drama and filled with love.

Wesley is new to the pack and unlike anyone I’ve ever met. Yes he’s smoking hot but pursuing him is a risk. He’s short-tempered, controlling, and impulsive and needs to learn to put someone else’s needs in front of his own.

I could be that person… if he can get past his ego, and I can leave my trepidation behind.

…will he be worth risking my heart?

Warning: This series is addictive! Be prepared to stay up until 3am reading about steamy wolf shifter romance with an independent heroine, a hunky alpha, a dash of humor, and a healthy dose of steamy scenes!

Steam & language alert 18+ only: I don’t want your angry vigilante mama after me! If you aren’t eighteen then go read Harry Potter, mind your language and eat your broccoli!

5 stars: This is book 1 in a new series by Jean Stokes . So far I’m hooked. The main female character is the outcast of her pack. When a outsider comes to join their pack, Alana starts to find her inner strength to stand up for herself. With the help of her BFF Kim and Wesley will Alana find out what’s really going on with the missing females.

5 stars: loved it !!! a great start for a new series !!! love Wesley and Alana… this is their story… a fast paced action packed drama with a cliffhanger…. Wesley is new to the pack.. when he sees Alana.. he is curious … he hears things… he will protect her…. Alana has been bullied and more… her pack sees her a nothing… until…such a good story !!.

5 stars: Jean Stokes has done it again! Alana, an outcast and Wesley, a newcomer.. will they be able to get past their own boundaries to see how the other completes them? This book was amazing and I can’t wait for the next one to see where the story goes from here!.

5 stars: Great book! It pulled me in from beginning to end and held my attention. Well-developed story line and characters. The world building is detailed and imaginative. I really liked how the author built up the relationship between the two main characters. The chemistry between the two main characters is steamy and intense. The storyline is fast-paced and very well written, filled with magic, Fae, danger, death, politics, intrigue, and subterfuge.

5 stars: First off, I don’t typically like wolf shifters. Never mind that I love wolves in general. But, once again, Jean Stokes has given me a whole new way of looking at things, and that’s all because she gave me a heroine I can identify with. Alana is brave and plucky despite her downtrodden role in the pack. I know just how she feels. Those like me should all have someone like Wesley to stand beside them and support them, and love them. Jean has given voice to my own heart with all its hopes and dreams. I can’t wait to read the rest of Alana and Wes’ story.

5 stars: This book has fantastic descriptions that tugged at my emotions. Alana is being persecuted by her pack and I really want to know why. Amina, her main tormentor, is nothing but a bully! She had me seeing red! She is definitely a character I loved to hate! I can’t wait to see when and how she is going to get what’s coming to her! This book is god read with just enough unanswered questions to keep reading the books