Spaces Between Us: A Second Chance Romantic Suspense

by Trinity Cole


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Emily Reed stole my heartbeat the very first time I met her. Then I stole her heart,

leaving it callously behind when I skipped LA, now the city of ghosts for me. Relocating to

Portland, Oregon is a new beginning, one which will hopefully make me forget her… But

who am I kidding? She’s in my blood, though I’m now her poison. I made it so, ever since I

betrayed all the promises I’d made to her.


Alex Lockwood took my entire being and trampled it before ghosting out of LA and my

life. This sexy ex-rock star is the last man I should be thinking of, yet not a day goes by

without me remembering—him, his touch, our nights together, our future I thought we were


It’s just my luck I’m the cop assigned to the break-in at his bar. Six years after we last

saw each other, our worlds are about to collide again. As our past catches up to us, someone

else is closing in. While I figure out who has Alex on their mind, can this be our second

chance…or the second time we’ll end up utterly destroyed?