Secret Baby For My Billionaire Boss: Enemies to Lovers Age Gap Romance

by Rhea Ray

I need to find the father of my son to answer his innocent questions.

But I have a past which is very hard to explain to him. I slept with a stranger whose name even I did not know and got pregnant, so what to tell my baby boy now?

My name is Cassandra, and I lost my v-card to a stunning stranger before I was 20.

I thought my heart would never beat for love again. But the attraction that I feel for my new boss must be leading me to fulfill the void of passionate love in my life.

How can a man almost twice my age be this stunning, with thick eyebrows, blue eyes, chiseled abs, and broad shoulders? To add it all up, he is a grumpy billionaire, the only one who commands the shot in the entertainment industry.

And now I’m in love with my boss and I have a baby already, which is against our office rule. So, it must be kept secret from everybody. He is totally off-limits for me and with his hot body, I doubt if I could resist him.

What do I do if he begins to fall for me? He is broken, would there be a space for me in his heart? I know I’m scared of this feeling because of my past. But can I turn down an offer to get my mind, body and soul to be comforted and stimulated by him in the face of danger?

I doubt that.

Would I be able to find my son’s real father on this journey? What if my new boss decides to be my baby’s daddy too?

It turns out that this turmoil will decide my life in the next few months. But whatever happens, I would want to be beneath him and touched by him even for a day, and if he wants more, a ‘No’ wouldn’t be my answer.

Author’s Note: This book contains a billionaire possessive alpha boss and steamy scenes.

Slip into something spicy with My Billionaire Boss Story, bursting at the seams with young curvy heroine and older Boss who can’t keep their hands to themselves.

‘Secret Baby for My Billionaire Boss’ is a standalone enemies-to-lovers age gap billionaire boss romance novel–A saga of intensely passionate love and hate relationship.