Billionaire Infatuation: A Contemporary Romance Box Set

by Alix Vaughn

If you love steamy billionaire romance, you're in the right place. These gorgeous big spenders will sweep you off your feet and keep you wanting more. Find a comfy spot and get ready for Liam, Max and Logan!

This box set includes three standalone full-length books. Each book is guaranteed to have an incredible HEA.

Book 1: Reunited With My Billionaire

He broke my heart into a million pieces when I was 18. Now I’m his live-in nurse and all I can think about is undressing him.

When I showed up on my first day at the new job and realized my patient was Liam, I wanted to hightail it out of his luxury penthouse ASAP. But that wasn’t an option.

Our chemistry is still undeniable, and I can’t hold back much longer.

But he stomped on my heart before and that still stings. He needs to prove to me that this time will be different…

Book 2: Unexpected Billionaire

What we had was the most intoxicating fling – with absolutely no strings attached. But, what we didn't know was he left me with a gift that forever changed my life.

When I walked out of Logan’s hotel room eight years ago, I thought I’d never lay eyes on him again. And yet here he is, looking even more delicious than I remember.

A surge of panic washes over me when I realize he’s my new boss. Keeping my shocking secret from him while we’re spending so much time together will be absolute torture.

If he discovers my unforgivable lie, our story may end before it can begin again.

Book 3: Billion Dollar Favor

I’ve been in love with Max Munroe for the last 15 years but refused to admit it to myself or anyone else. Max was my best friend. Now he’s my boss and I can’t stop thinking about kissing him. And the fantasies don’t stop there…

We picked up right where we left off. Except for this time the vibe between us goes way beyond “just friends.” The undeniable attraction begins to sizzle.

Telling Max how I feel is super risky. I don’t want to lose him. But he’s so tempting and so incredibly hot. I need to let him in on my secret.