A Billionaire Affair

by Maxie Black

I never imagined I would bolt from the altar like a Mustang and bump into my long-time enemy after catching my fiancé cheating.

My family thinks I have lost it; they are unhappy that I ran out on my wedding.

Even worse, they will lose it when they find out I am falling for my brother’s best friend.

We were stranded together on a boat and bonded when he opened my eyes and heart to what love is truly about

He’s a single dad who showed me the importance of following my heart, not my head or what my family wants.

With a decade between us and enough chemistry and fireworks to burn a village down, my brother will kill me when he learns I am playing with fire with his best mate.

I dread the flight home when I must face my family about my wedding day escapade and leaving the devil I know for the devil I thought I knew.