Undoing the Rockstar: A Damaged Enemies to Lovers Small Town Romance (Wishing Book 2)

by Farrah Jane, Isla Wilder

I knew better than to get myself involved with a musician.

Especially someone like Irish rocker, Aidan Flynn.

It was one lucky gig, meant only to help my family’s struggling bar make a comeback.

I didn’t ask for him to show up, looking like a hot snack.

Or to find myself on my back… with his deliciously muscular body on top of mine, in the bar after hours.

But I can’t forget what happened the last time I let a rockstar into my heart.

And between the two of us, Aidan and I have more baggage than anyone could possibly unpack in a lifetime.

I’m a small town girl with a business to save—and he’s an arrogant charmer with money, fame and the world at his feet.

Not only do we clash—we’re not even in the same stratosphere.

But that doesn’t stop me from wanting him… or remembering the feel of his lips, blazing a trail of fire across my soul.

Or maybe this time… I just don’t want to resist.