Stuck with my Bad Boy Boss: An Enemies to Lovers Off Limits Romance

by Starr McKay

I’m stuck working with a grumpy boss that can’t keep his hands off of me and I’m beginning to like it…

One wrong turn and I find myself laying on top of the most gorgeous man I have ever seen.

Then I learn he is my new boss.

Rowan Croft is the CEO and I’m his intern.

There are clear lines that should never be crossed.

But, after an accidental collision of our lips, flames ignite and we lose all control.

We shouldn’t be together.

He’s the older billionaire and I’m the struggling student.

Corporate media can never find out.

I’m on a crash course, falling hard and fast for my bad boy boss.

His reputation is at risk and my future career is in jeopardy.

But, it’s too late to turn back now because my heart is on the line too.