Second Chance: Second Chance Billionaire Romance (Box Set) (Billionaire & Curvy Woman Romance)

by Hope Paris


Zane is hot – there’s no other way to put it. And he certainly has enough of the ladies swooning. But not me. I still remember what he did. But now he’s back, and I’m afraid of losing myself in him again. I can’t take the easy way out – I have to prove myself and save my parents from poverty.


I have all the money in the world… but it doesn’t mean anything. Thirteen years have passed and not a day goes by that I don’t think of her. Kissing Rosa was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made.

I lost her once, and I’m not about to lose her again. Every decision I’ve ever made is to get back to her. How can I convince her we belong together?

Does a childhood love stay in the heart forever? When billionaire alpha Zane and the sassy, independent Rosa end up on an unexpected date 13 years after their first kiss, he makes a bold proposition she can’t – and shouldn’t – refuse. But Rosa is too proud to take the easy way out… and she can’t bear to have her heart broken again.

With the shadows of the past hanging heavy over them, can they shake off their demons and embrace a relationship together? Or is the rift between them too great to cross?

He owns me… or so he thinks.

Book II


The love of my life is making a huge mistake, and I’m hell-bent on protecting her – even if it makes her hate me. If I can’t have her in my arms, everything I’ve ever done has been for nothing. I can still feel her curvy body in my arms. God, I need Rosa.


All I want to do is help my parents the same way they helped me… but I can’t do it the wrong way. Zane can’t throw money at me. I need to do it myself – even if that means going to Zane’s worst enemy.

When billionaire possessive alpha hunk Zane helps his childhood love with her business, he crosses a line he shouldn’t have. Furious with him trying to swoop in and solve her problems, Rosa refuses to give in and let him be her prince charming. With everything on the line and determined to prove his love to her, can Zane convince this fiery girl that they were born to be together?

After Rosa finds a new opportunity to support her parents, she jumps at the chance. There’s only one problem. It means going through George, Zane’s rival. Will the beautiful and curvy Rosa hold her own? Or will the urge to spend one more night with Zane get the better of her?

True Love has a bad habit of coming back…

Book III


Rosa deserves to be happy, and when my biggest rival crosses the line and hurts her, I’m damn well going to do something about it. Rosa hates being taken care of, but I’ll move heaven and hell — and go through anyone — to prove my love to her.


I’ve never felt like a bigger failure. But with Zane by my side, I realize that anything is possible. I already knew I was in lust with him – but now it’s something so much more…

When Zane’s biggest rival George hurts Rosa through her family, he’s determined to put things right. His sexy, sassy childhood crush hates thinking that she’s being taken care of, but this possessive alpha hunk is too stubborn to take no for an answer. Rosa keeps telling herself that she’s ready to move on at the drop of a hat… but she can’t help be swept away by Zane’s irresistible aura and charms.

Can this headstrong heroine stomach her true feelings for Zane? Or is she too hell-bent on being independent to let him prove his love to her?

Get ready to be swept away by Zane’s power, stubbornness and sexual aura.

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