Mafia Blood : The Mansolillo’s Vengeance – Complete Mafia Series (Books 1-3)

by Sloane Peterson

Love, deceit, passion, blood, and so much more…. This is a binge worthy mafia series! 5 stars!

I had the chance to start over, to have a regular life.

I couldn’t do it. It’s in my blood.

For obvious reasons, I can’t tell my FBI agent fiancé that I’m rebuilding our empire.

He got me out once and if he knew I jumped right back in he’d never forgive me.

Not to mention there’s a new villain in town, someone who’s turning mob families into dust and stealing their businesses.

It’s a threat unlike anything I’ve ever faced before, and I have no idea how to overcome this without losing everything and everyone I hold dear.

Get all three novels from the Mansolillo’s Vengeance Series.

Book 1- Mafia Saints

Book 2- Mafia Rising

Book 3- Mafia Sins

No cliffhangers! Happy reading!