Fake Fiancé Protector : A Small Town Brother’s Best Friend Romance

by J. L. Stark


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Taking a leap of faith, I declared my best friend’s sister as my fiancée-without his knowledge. Surprisingly she played along. Now our fragile facade’s starting to blur the lines we agreed upon.

The forbidden feeling of just thinking about being with your best friend's sister should be enough to deter me.

But Blakely has been a part of my life since childhood and she’s always caught my eye. I always thought she could be anything she put her mind to.

I agreed to help her brother secure a lucrative deal, knowing my involvement would draw her nearer to me.

Discovering the deal would benefit her brother, she agrees to help.

Having her work with me granted me opportunities others didn’t have.

One late night in my office, a volcano of passion erupts within us. Without any persuasion, she leaped into my arms like a burst of champagne.

I’m hooked on her seductive blue eyes. The curves of her body fit perfectly in my hands.

When passions ignite, it's a clash of wills and hearts in a high-stakes trial of love versus law.

The final verdict could change everything.