Sin City Secrets: A Reverse Age Gap Billionaire Romance

by Kellen Knox

I never expected to find out if “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”.

My secret past on the infamous MIT blackjack team was supposed to stay that… a secret. I changed my name, relocated and focused on building my tech empire. Success was mine.

Twenty years later, a week at a Vegas casino seemed like the perfect way to blow off steam with my best friends and start over after my divorce.

Under the dazzling lights of Sin City, my life collides with Jake’s. He’s a hot, self-made billionaire ten years my junior.

Besides our physical chemistry, we discover our mutual passion for card counting, and we embark on our own mini card-counting scheme.

We become modern-day Robin Hoods, taking from the casinos to give back to those in need.

Our stolen moments are filled with passion and thrills. The rush of the game only matched by the intensity of our desires.

But our secret romance starts to unravel when we discover another common denominator… Jake is my best friend’s brother.

And as the stakes rise, so do the risks. When our scheme is outed by security and we’re detained in the underbelly of the casino, fear grips us as history seems to be repeating itself.

But there are more secrets yet to be revealed and we must choose whether to fold or bet everything on a future against the odds.