One Night with My Bodyguard: A Best Friend's Brother Romance

by Hailey Barr


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I never expected my one-night stand to be my best friend's brother,

who became my protector when my life turned into a real-life thriller.

One drink, one dance, one night...

The way his body fit perfectly against mine, with his chiseled abs,

is forever carved into my mind.

As a successful crime novelist, I thought those crimes would only be for the pages.

But when a twisted fan starts bringing my stories to life,

I realize I need more than just my imagination to survive.

When danger comes knocking,

my best friend and publisher sends her hot brother to protect me.

Little does she know, Eli is the man I spent an incredible night with.

Each close call, I fall harder for my enticing bodyguard.

Now, trapped in my own twisted story,

I pray Eli will find me before it's too late.

Will I get the chance to tell him I want forever... with him?