Bodyguard for the Mafia Princess: An Enemies to Lovers Mafia Romance

by Emery Clark

A blood war declared on my family forces me to live out my life under the watchful gaze of one stubborn bodyguard…

Alex Gomez.

My polar opposite. A serious, all business, tough-guy bodyguard.

I can’t stand him but I can’t help but feel an electric shock each time I find myself in his strong arms.

All I have longed for was to live a normal life away from the Mafia.

A life that definitely didn’t involve me falling for someone hired to protect me.

Despite my attempts at escaping his watchful eyes to live my life, he always shows up to rescue me.

The more he rescues me and lets his guard down, the more attracted I am.

When things get dangerous he’s the one I can count on. Or so I think…

Even if I survive this blood war…the passion between us will surely consume me.