I Dare You: A Romance Collection

by Hazel Parker

The Complete 5 Book Empire of Titans Series!

Hazel Parker’s best selling books of 2021 all in one box set!!!!

BOOK 1: Chasing What’s Mine

I don’t have time for guys like him.

Self-made billionaires are used to getting their way. Flash enough cash and one can even convince a Michelin-star chef like me to take a night off from her restaurant to cater a private dinner.

Despite all the careful preparation, the dinner goes up in smoke. Literally. Because I accidentally burn down his kitchen. Also up in flames—his hot date. I am now officially his sworn enemy and he tries to destroy my career. Too bad for him, I’m the best at what I do.

Guess the rich guy doesn’t always get what he wants. Until he sets his sights on me once more, this time not to ruin me but to have me.

I wasn’t planning on putting down my knives for anyone. But no one could predict what happened next, a surprise to say the least…

BOOK 2: Undo Me Slowly

BOOK 3: Not Faking Anymore

BOOK 4: Stuck on You

BOOK 5: You’re my Sweet Spot