Billionaire Boss Romance boxset (The Billionaire Boss Enemies to Lovers Series)

by Sallie Steadman

Get ready for three hot billionaire bosses in one sizzling box set! These three steamy stories will melt your heart and set your kindle on fire. If you enjoy being kept up late at night turning pages filled with off-limits, age-gap romances, enemies to lovers, best friends brother, surprise pregnancies, and more – then look no further! Your next swoon-worthy happily ever after is one click away!

Book One: “Secret Romance with my Billionaire Boss”

I’m having a secret romance with my billionaire boss.

My billionaire boss is a big-time publisher. I intern at his company.

He refuses to listen to any literary suggestions I have. No, no, no is all I hear.

“Seduce him” my friend all but dares me. He is one fine-looking silver fox. Could one little dare help me get ahead in this business?

At a weekend conference in Scotland, I decide to go for it. One night won’t hurt.

But, our chemistry is mind-blowing and intense. He couldn’t get enough of me and I couldn’t get enough of him.

And it didn’t stop at one night. Now, we are having secret rendezvous in the copy room, bathroom, parking lot….. But his ground rules are clear “No one can know about us.”

Until the pregnancy test shows two pink lines….

Book Two: “Craving my Billionaire Boss”

My billionaire boss is a famous pianist who is rude, insulting, irritating…and beautiful.

My father recommended me to a friend to be his personal assistant on his European tour.

He has many beautiful groupies and I never know which room to find him in, the next morning.

After his concert in Madrid, we celebrate over a few drinks, and he kisses me.

I am caught off guard but his kiss lights me up inside.

I am consumed by the sheer burning want inside of me and I simply can’t resist him.

One awesome night turns into weeks of passion.

Now I’m falling in love with him and I’m scared to death.

He and my father have been friends since before I was born.

I fear he may kill him when he finds out what has happened between us….

Book Three: “Faking it with my Billionaire Boss”

My Billionaire Boss is a rich playboy with lots of female trophies.

His father gives him an ultimatum – get married in 3 months, or you’re disowned.

He bribed me into being his fake fiance and marrying him.

His plan is clear, just keep up appearances and give him five years.

But we talk, we share secrets, and we make love.

Only his father isn’t happy he’s marrying the help.

He wants someone who brings prestige to the family.

Robbie’s father tries to buy me off, but I’ve taken a pregnancy test and it’s positive.

This was definitely not in the plan.

Will his dad change his mind now that he’s going to be a grandfather?

COMING SOON!!! “In Love with my ex’s dad, my billionaire boss”

At my new job I find out my billionaire boss is my ex’s dad.

I left this town years ago to get away from the drama,

only to find myself back interning at the local paper.

My first day meeting my editor,

I nearly spill my coffee when I see who’s sitting at the desk.

Don Harrison, my ex’s dad.

I don’t think he remembers me so I don’t remind him.

But, I’m no longer the high school girl who dated his son.

Now we are just two adults and let me say he is gorgeous,

I really shouldn’t be having these feelings about him.

At a conference, a fumble with reservations leaves us sharing a room

we start talking over room service, and he does remember me….

And this time he’ll never forget me.