Long Harbor City: A Steamy M/M Romance Box Set

by Inge Mayhem

Escape into the Long Harbor City Series, a spin-off from the Wild Heart Series. Get all five books for the price of one in this hotter-than-you-can-handle bundle!

Redemption – Book 1

I have to rebuild my life all over again now that Drew is gone.

I have to find my own happiness.

A hot date with Shawn, a charming sports doctor high up at the top seat of the Hockey arena should do the trick.

I’m on top of the world with the man that could be my future.

That is, until I see a familiar face among the sea of happy people with unknown faces jumping and cheering…

Wait a minute, is that Victor?

Déjà Vu – Book 2

Tyson truly can’t believe how well things has been going for him. His boyfriend Shawn charming, kind and affectionate to him. He has gotten a good job at the company that his good friend, Florence is working at. His favorite hockey team has won their first championship ever. Thanks to Shawn, Tyson has also gotten to meet the entire team, and now, he even has dinner plans with his favorite player, Noah.

Tyson gets an autograph from Noah which is signed on a napkin. He tries his best to hold in his excitement and reads it only after Noah has left. His smile disappears when he sees the message on it.

Vengeance – Book 3

Even though it seems like Victor’s problems are over, he is in a constant battle in his own mind, as memories of his past flood his thoughts.

Will he ever overcome this and let go of his rage that is fueled by revenge?

Tyson is trying to find happiness. He thought that maybe he had found it in the arms of his boyfriend, Shawn. But as the relationship grows, Tyson begins to become more and more distrustful of Shawn, as thoughts from his past also haunt him.

Will he be able to overcome this and give love a chance?

As both men live similar lives, their paths may cross . . . once again.

Revenge – Book 4

Tyson tries to only see the best in Shawn and makes a conscious effort to overlook all the disappearing acts. But as they become more frequent, does he have the strength to hold on to a relationship that is eerily similar to his previous one?

As events unfold that reveal the true colors of people around him, Tyson tries every means he can to escape all the trouble that Long Harbor City throws at him.

Full Circle – Book 5

Tyson is saved from his attack by an unlikely ally, in the form of Bruce Biller. He tells Tyson the truth, about who Shawn really is, and just how dangerous his ex can be.

As time goes on, relationships strengthen, as the vulnerable sides are exposed.

And the attacker strikes again. Will Tyson be saved in time?