Tangled Sanctuary: Second Chance Runaway Bride Small Town Romance (Shelby Creek County Book 7)

by Jean Marie


Love and Marriage.

I was finally getting everything I ever wanted…

Until the night before our wedding, I found out my dream guy was more like someone from my nightmares.

Overhearing my fiancé on the phone, the scary truth of who this man really was, almost paralyzed me in fear. I knew I didn’t have much time, so I snuck out of there as quickly as I could, leaving what’s left of my life behind.

Racking my brain as I drove, I knew I needed to go somewhere Harvey would never find me. Then I remembered Small Town, I briefly visited years before I ever met this man I thought would be my forever husband.

But I arrived and got settled, I still felt unsafe. So I searched for a way to protect myself, just in case the worst happened.


When she came in to buy a gun, I knew she was in trouble. My instincts never lie.

I offered to give her lessons on how to operate her new weapon and she reluctantly agreed.

Obviously untrusting, I took it slow. It seemed she had been through a lot, so I tried to be a friendly face to this woman new in town.

At first, I thought she was just a quiet person and kept to herself, but when the rumor mill got cranked up about me and my ex, she became fiercely protective and wouldn’t put up with their nonsense.

As we became closer, she started to open up and I realized she was running away from more than just a crazy ex like me.

This woman is in real danger. And now that I found true love, is a future even possible? Or will this Harvey guy bury her like he did the rest…

NOTE: Tangled Sanctuary is book 7 in the Shelby Creek County Series. All books in this Small Town Suspense series can be read as Standalones but for maximum pleasure, I recommend reading them in order. Hold on to your seats, because it’s going to be a STEAMY wild ride throughout this 10 book series.