Gutter Grounds (A New Moon Book 1)

by Inge Mayhem

Harry Carter, a billionaire, wants to create a home for himself and his family where they could be their real selves, but a darkness moves to stop him from achieving his goal. He has sacrificed so much to attain what he has to date and yet, he is now pushed to a wall. It’s time he pushes back.

Lance Heathrow’s life is about to change. This young doctor has gotten a dream job at a hospital and the chance at a new life away from home. Things are finally going well… until a mysterious death happens on his first day at work. After a series of bizarre happenings, he realizes that maybe his new home isn’t quite what he thought to be.

Carl Brown has never felt at home anywhere and now that he has come into the Lyca District, maybe that might change. As he continues his search for his brother who suddenly went missing one day with no explanation, he finds himself wrapped in something more.

The lives of these three men are fated to intertwine. Is it the beginning of the end?

Author’s Note: This is the 1st book in A New Moon series filled with mystery and suspense that will leave you craving more. Scroll up to one-click this sizzling new adult romance today!

Warning: May contain adult content. 18+

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