My Ex’s Fake Proposal: A Second Chance Romance

by Sandra Rae


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I need a fake husband so I don't lose my job.

I refuse to let my boss's bias against singles ruin my career.

There is only one solution. I need a fakefiancé.

The perfect candidate is my Ex Zach.

Drawing from our past, I convince him to play my devoted fiancé.

He left and shattered my heart 10 years ago and wants to prove he is not the jerk he was back then.

There is only one rule…no feelings allowed.

But when he wraps his strong protective arms around me I melt into his chest and I cannot resist.

My boss is demanding to meet the man who stole my heart, and I’m stuck trying to keep the illusion alive.

As Zach steps into the role, the air crackles with tension and our chemistry is on fire.

We may have convinced my boss, but now I have to convince my heart to let go.

Letting go is the last thing I ever want to do…