Bad Boy Protector: A Friends-to-Lovers Second Chance – MMA Sports Romance

by Gia Lane

I’m being forced to work with my ex-boyfriend, Ricardo Matos and he is probably still upset with me for breaking up with him years ago.

My boss tells me to do a feature story on Ricardo’s upcoming UFC promotion while he trains in Las Vegas for his big debut fight.

And that should be easy except for the fact he is a toned, sexy bad boy with chiseled abs and has always been so protective of me.

He is part of my past that I didn’t expect myself to revisit. But one night during his training in Las Vegas, we end up in his bed together.

I am still torn about leaving him early in our careers and part of me still loves him.

Now, looking at him, I can still see the longing in his eyes…

He may never forgive me for the secret that I’ve kept from him for so many years.

I don’t know if this will be the end for us both or the beginning of a new chapter.