Billionaires Babies: Enemies to lovers box set

by Madison Rice

Four billionaire bossholes wrapped into one crazy box set.

Book1: Accidental Boss Daddy

Never kiss your brother’s grumpy best friend.

And make sure you don’t get pregnant with his baby.

My favorite hobby is my sworn enemy –Derek Stein– my brother’s billionaire best friend.

He’s the itch I can’t scratch and is nothing but trouble.

I should hate this arrogant, emotionally unavailable, infuriating man.

But he’s chiseled like a greek god and the last man I wanted to think about that way.

I keep him at arm’s length—until a dare turns into a kiss and lands me at his mansion.

Next thing I know, I’m having a night of passion that no woman would ever forget.

What if one crazy dare means falling in love?

I’m a good girl, but I’m falling for the wrong man.

I’d rather die than ever admit it. To myself or my brother.

But Derek decides I’m someone he wants.

And I’m his hot prey.

Until I tell him…

He’s about to become a daddy.

Book 2: Grumpy Fake

My fake billionaire boyfriend turned out to be a real grumpy alpha-hole.

I should hate my best friend’s older brother.

Mysterious, brooding ex-Navy SEAL.

The grumpiest, most infuriating man I know.

Blowing me off – twice – sure didn’t help.

When he asks me to be his fake girlfriend, I bite my tongue.

It’s my chance to knock him down a notch or two.

But faking it is easier said than done.

His massive chiseled body, sexy tattoos, and sea blue eyes awakened parts of me I never knew existed.

After one scorching hot night, I don’t know what I feel anymore.

I’m falling for him.

Yet, I can’t risk anyone finding out.

Especially his sister.

Turns out we both are hiding a huge secret…

Secrets that threaten to bring us together or tear us apart forever.

Book 3: Daddy Bosshole

My Boss should be Mr. Wrong….

But tonight he’s Mr. Right here, right now.

The last thing I want is to see him again.

Evan Prince.

Broken, billionaire, grump.

Also my brother’s best friend and serial heartbreaker.

A handsome ex-navy SEAL with a lot of baggage.

He isn’t good for me, or himself.

But Evan offers me the deal of a lifetime:

Fake date him until his psycho ex-girlfriend leaves for good.

In exchange, he’ll erase my debts.

Easy, right?


After too many margaritas, and a kiss that went on too long,

We end up under the sheets and I’m not faking anymore.

I thought it was our second chance for a happy ending.

But I wake up in an empty bed and two lurking thoughts:

One – how did I let Evan Prince break my heart again?

And two – when’s the right time to tell him I’m two weeks late…

Book 4: Enemy Grump Next-Door

A Contract for One Hot Night as Frenemy with Benefits turned into many.

It’s no secret. We wanted each other for years.

He’s a hot ex-Navy SEAL.

A Grumpy Billionaire.

But he’s also my Best Friend’s Older Brother and my worst enemy.

There are rules between us and he loves to break them to infuriate me.

Like casually moving next-door without telling me,

And the constant pranking!

Then he throws some papers at me:

A contract for one intense sizzling hot night.

It’s just one time…right?

It’s not.

One toe curling, mind-blowing night turned into many, many more.

But now, I’m falling for him. Hard.

We have to keep it a secret from his sister or everything will be ruined.

Is there a future for us or is it just another one of his pranks?

Billionaires Babies for my Brother’s Best Friend Box-Set is four full-length novels wrapped into one huge angst-filled compilation.

No cliff-hangers and only tender, juicy and satisfying HEA.