The Forbidden Billionaire Pilot: An Enemies to Lovers Single Dad Romance

by Ella Ashton


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I want to devour him, but I can't stand him at the same time.

Jack Adams is the new hunky billionaire fly-boy owner of the aviation repair station where I work.

He's an arrogant cocky retired fighter pilot who sees me as his eye candy and next conquest.

He thinks he can swoop in, all charm, smiles and swagger, and turn my world upside down.

He’s gotta be several years older than me too, which should be enough reason to keep my distance.

But there's something different about Jack.

He listens, he cares, and damn it, he's good with his hands: both on the planes we repair and, in the bedroom, where

things get smoking hot.

And his adorable son....how can that kid own my heart so easily?

So, I decided to let this man into my life, and now, several steamy weeks later, I’m looking at two pink lines on a stick.