Wolf’s Unexpected Bride (Billionaire Cowboy Wolf Shifters Book 3)

by Sheena Silva

This cowboy has remained a free man.

Even when my wolf tried to convince me…


Mallory was always just a friend.

Ok, sure, we’d kept in touch when she left town.

And I was delighted when she moved back to Idaho looking for work.

I needed help with my animals

And she was fresh out of vet school.

Don’t get me wrong, though,

I wasn’t interested in marking her as my mate.

No, way, will I end up like my father,

Wasting my life away, dying from a broken heart.

But the line between being Mallory’s friend,

And my wolf’s need to protect his mate was getting blurry.

Then fate intervened and upset everything.

I’m embarrassed to admit,

We found ourselves in Las Vegas



But fate wasn’t done with us yet.

Now that we’ve professed our vows for real,

And we’re expecting a baby…

How can I explain the concept of fated mates,

Without her walking out on me for good.

Leaving me just like my father,

Dying from a broken heart?