Faking it with My Bodyguard: Brother's Best Friend Enemies to Lovers Romance

by Hailey Barr


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My brother's best friend, a smoking-hot ex-military bodyguard,

unexpectedly steps in as my protector.

Stephen is a man more complex than any gemstone I've ever worked with.

He's here to catch my stalker, who craves the gem I bought.

We pretend to be a fake couple to lure my stalker in.

But his overbearing presence is another kind of threat,

unsettling my carefully balanced life.

He’s grumpy, bossy, and too handsome for his own good.

A protector? More like a distraction I can't afford.

As we dance a dangerous tango every day, his touch sets me ablaze,

and his protectiveness softens my resolve.

One minute, I’m the biggest fool to have fallen for him;

the next, he’s showing me he wants to do more than just keep me safe.

It's so wrong, but he's hitting all the right spots.

Stephen has got me hooked, but I want more than just his sculpted body…

I want his heart.