Double Down On Love: A Suspenseful Mafia-Lite Romance - (Book 2 in the High Rollers series)

by Taylor Friste


What happens in Vegas does NOT stay in Vegas.

After running a blackjack scheme and getting busted in Vegas, Jake and I paid our debt to society. We were in love and ready to start fresh with our new life together.

Nope, not quite...

The media coverage of the scandal was seen by millions, including my bio mother, who showed up out of the blue after abandoning me as a baby. To add insult to injury, she owes the Mafia half-a-mil and needs our help.

The fix is as glaring as the neon casino lights: Run one last card-counting scheme to win the money fast, pay off my mom's debt, and reclaim our lives.

But Annie risks blowing up the whole thing by getting entangled with the casino manager where we're running our scheme. Clearly, she is thinking with her hoo-ha and not her head.

Then, the Don doubles down and orders the kidnapping of Jake's sister, Taylor. She's being held in his gilded cage until he gets his money.

We're so close... And then they move the goalpost at the eleventh hour.

This may be a twisted game for them, but for us, it's a big pill to swallow.

Which reminds me... I think I forgot to take my little pill.

*This is the second book in the High Rollers series. It's a steamy, reverse age gap, featuring strong, bold, FMCs and the men they love. While it's recommended that you read the books in order, it's not necessary, as each book has a Prologue to get you up to speed.