Stranded with the Silver Fox: An Enemies to Lovers Surprise Pregnancy Romance

by Vivi Kline


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The billionaire who rescued me knocked me up.

Mr. grumpy silver fox, Mason Taggart, demands I get off his property, but I stand my ground and pitch a tent in the woods.

I'm on a deadline and need to research his mansion for my book.

But then a raging storm shatters my tent and washes out the only bridge to the property, forcing him to reluctantly invite me to stay.

I try to focus on my work, but Mason's scorching hot body and piercing ocean-blue eyes set me on fire.

Despite his alpha-hole exterior, our chemistry is undeniable and impossible to resist.

Surrendering to our desire, he claims me completely.

And I never want to leave.

But Mason's heart belongs to the wife and child he lost years ago.

I refuse to compete with ghosts.

When the bridge is rebuilt, it’s time to go.

Then weeks later, I'm hit with a wrecking ball - I'm pregnant.