Baby for the Grumpy Mob Boss: An Enemies to Lovers, Fake Relationship, Surprise Baby

by Morgan S Bliss

I was supposed to be undercover not under his covers and now I’m pregnant with his baby.

A wave of rage floods my veins as I face the infamous Lorenzo Bianci--the man who haunts my every waking thought.

His body is chiseled like it was touched by divine hands but he has the heart of the devil.

He isn't a man to be trifled with. His power and influence reach far beyond what I could have dreamt possible.

In a twisted bid to claim me, he offers me a dangerous deal.

An arrangement that would make me his fake girlfriend and submit to his every will. He made me his world…Filled my life with unimaginable care and passion.

But I have a secret he doesn’t know, I’m the investigator he’s been trying to eliminate. Getting close enough to bring down this Mob Boss is worth any risk. What I didn’t know was that the risk would be my heart.

If my superiors ever found out, my career would be over.

What I didn’t expect was that this agreement would bind us for the rest of our lives with a child.