A Billionaire Tryst: A Billionaire Bodyguard Romance

by Erica Frost

The first rule of the bodyguard business: never screw your client,

especially if she’s a walking disaster waiting to happen.

Fresh off a broken heart, I banged this Hollywood siren who’d just dumped her boyfriend.

Even though we nearly broke the bathroom stall back then, now, years later, we meet and

I don’t recognize her.

Her life’s threatened. She’s back and thinks I’m a cold fish.

There’s more to me than that, so I’ll be professional and keep her safe.

Stuck on an island, I realize she’s genuine and smoking hot.

If news of me sleeping with my Ward gets out, the publicity will surely ruin me.

Had I recognized her sooner and not stepped in this GIANT steaming pile of…

I wouldn’t have risked her life, my business, and my family’s reputation.

This secret could free us to fall in love or tear everything apart.

Whatever happens, I’ll protect her, even if it costs me everything.