Mister Sugar (The Bachelors of Dream Heights)

by Olivia Monroe

When Marlon Whitmer met his dad’s fiancée, he didn’t expect to fall for her.

Marlon has made a name for himself in Northern California. He’s living in the lucrative suburbia of Dream Heights and the CEO of his father Frank’s real estate agency. He’s got it all: expensive cars, beautiful women, and a coastline home with a view.

Frank Whitmer has been enjoying retirement, perhaps too much, and has just asked the beautiful 24-year-old Natalie Green to marry him. Frank and Natalie’s relationship doesn’t sit well with the skeptical Marlon, who suspects that Natalie is after Frank’s money. When Marlon starts to investigate Natalie, he uncovers more than he ever imagined.

When Natalie and Frank try to soothe his concerns by inviting him on a remote vacation with them, he brings along a sexy coworker. But there’s something strange about Marlon’s new woman and Natalie might have the answers.

This suspenseful romantic story takes twists and turns you won’t see coming. Enjoy the ride with Mister Sugar: The Bachelors of Dream Heights.