Faking it with my Billionaire Bosshole: An Age Gap Enemies to Lovers Romance

by Nora Michelle

How hard can it be to NOT sleep with your billionaire CEO client?

Apparently harder than expected while living with this strong and hot AF nightmare as his fake wife…

This abrasive silver streaked CEO was supposed to be just any other client for me to whip into shape.

Giving him a fake wife was my PR Hail Mary to fix his public image, and it wasn’t supposed to be me.

But as a single mom, I couldn’t turn down the huge paycheck on offer.

Now, as I try to hide my chaotic past and shield my precious reality from him,

The kind things he does for me and his witty, playful side melt my heart.

But when fake love starts becoming real love, my vengeful ex threatens to ruin everything.

He’s the only one I can turn to to save me and my hidden son,

But that means sharing my secrets and hoping he can look past them.

We can pull off the lie of a lifetime…

But can we survive the truth?