Claiming Her Secret: Bad Boy Enemies-to-Lovers Box Set

by Crystal Faye

Am I prepared to let this cocky bad boy discover my secret?

These sexy bad boys and sassy ladies will keep you company all night long!

If you love sizzlin’ hot romances featuring bad boys who go from enemies to lovers with the only irresistible women who can bring them to their knees, then grab this steamy collection now!

All three books feature a satisfying HEA and will leave you panting for more.

Color Me In:

The first time I met our featured artist, he rubbed me the wrong way.

Cocky. Arrogant. Difficult. Good looking. All signs pointing to trouble.

But I was the new girl who was determined to save our gallery…and my job.

If he didn’t cooperate, our showing next month was done for...and so was my rent.

No one tells him how to do his job? We’ll see about that.

I was determined to squeeze those paintings out of him no matter what.

Wrangling him would be no problem.

I’m one of the most persistent women he’ll ever meet.

I knew he couldn’t stand me and I didn’t care.

He wasn’t exactly running away either.

I admit, I got a bit of a rise out of annoying him,

and seeing that twinkle in his eyes as he retaliates.

Who said I couldn’t have a bit of fun on the job?

That’s why I left the safe confines of my boring hometown.

Secretly, I loved how everything about him spelled danger and excitement.

Those chiseled cheekbones and deep, dark eyes didn’t exactly hurt either.

Under certain circumstances, he’s what I’d even consider “charming.”

If he took me back to his studio,

and showed me the ways he strokes his paint brush…

I’m sure he can deliver on those paintings then.

Am I seriously considering giving up my V-card for this job?

Unraveled by Him:

I’m supposed to pretend to be the pregnant wife of the man who broke my heart ten years ago? FML.

I knew that job offer sounded too good to be true.

My plan was simple: get my life back on track with a “real” job, then apply for an MBA program.

With Marcus thrown in the mix, it makes things a bit more complicated.

I’ll never forget about what he did ten years ago.

Mistake #1: Accepting that shady job.

Mistake #2: Not backing out when I found out I’d have to work with Marcus Daniels.

But it’s too late. I can’t risk losing this job now, and I’m not going to let him or the past get in the way. I’m determined to make this work.

Those heart-stopping hazel eyes and sexy-as-sin body, though…Oh, stop it!

I promised myself there’s no way I’d let him take my V-card after what he’s done.

Unwrapping the Present:

I was the silent supermodel; the angel amongst fallen souls.

Everyone knew that I couldn't talk. Everyone knew that my career soared because of my gorgeous green eyes and pure, innocent heart. Every paparazzi chasing me tried to sell every inch of my life to the tabloids.

But there was one part they didn't know, and that was my whole heart, body, and soul belonged to Evan Makers.

Evan was the boy next door, the bad boy I left behind in New York who never knew the glamour of LA. He lived life in the fast lane and cared more about having a good time than anything else. But he never left my memories.

Losing my V-card to him was my dream and my nightmare at the same time. I loved him; I ached for him.

But I could never be with him, no matter how much I craved him… or could I?

Claiming Her Secret is a sizzlin’ hot collection of 3 standalone romance novels with no cheating, no cliffhangers and a guaranteed HEA for each story. Scroll up and 1-Click this box set today!