Hating My Hero (Her Accidental Hero Book 1)

by Holly Jaymes

The man who once destroyed my heart is now demolishing my house!

I never wanted to see him again.

But now he’s back and to top it all off, he moved in next door!

He’s got the same sexy tats over a broad hard chest.

And a cocky smile that promises exquisite sensual delights.

I might let him in my house to renovate my home, but there’s no way I’ll let him back in my pants or my heart.

Even if he did save me…more than once.

If only he didn’t look so hot in his tool belt.

If only my body didn’t crave to feel his touch.

If only I could trust that he wouldn’t betray me again.

If only I could resist him.

Now I’m falling all over again.

Can I trust that this time around it will last forever, or am I building my dream on a house of cards?