Baby with my Grumpy Boss: A Single Dad Fake Relationship Romance

by Mikelle Basha

Getting knocked up by my grumpy old boss was never my plan.

Newly single, I treat myself to a night out and end up naked in a mysterious man's bed.

When I start a new job as an executive assistant to the CEO of a successful tech company, I'm horrified to find that my boss is the same jerk I just spent the night with.

He tries to get rid of me by making me look inept in front of everyone but I'm determined to prove myself.

I still can't deny my overwhelming attraction to him.

He's always impeccably dressed with perfect hair that begs me to run my fingers through it.

When he looks at me, I can feel those gorgeous blue eyes undressing me.

His toxic ex shows up at the office and he tells her he's dating me now.

I reluctantly agree to this fake relationship, but the more time I spend with this hot single daddy, the more I am treasuring time spent with him and his charming little girl.

As I'm kneeling in the bathroom puking my guts out, I hope there's room in his heart for me and another bundle of joy.