Billionaire Enemy Roommate: A Brother’s Best Friend Boss Romance

by Blakely Stone

I’m stranded with the man I hate, who also happens to be my brother’s best friend.

Fresh out of law school, I’m ready to prove myself as a new attorney.

Not sleep with a partner after my first day on the job.

A single lapse in judgment tests my resolve.

Ethan Browning’s six-foot frame and washboard abs prove too much to resist.

I make a decision never to let that happen again.

We avoid each other like Montezuma’s Revenge.

Until we find ourselves stuck together in a remote village during a work trip.

His eyes undo me with a glance.

As much as I try, I can’t keep my hands off of his rock-hard body.

Like the mudslide that has us trapped, our mutual lust for each other is unstoppable.

Balancing our secret between work and family is our shared pact.

But my growing belly threatens to expose it all.