Grumpy Major’s Secret Baby: An Age Gap Small Town Secret Pregnancy Romance

by Scott Wylder

My big secret?

The man I love has a son.

My son.

But he doesn’t know, and he’s falling in love with both of us.

But someday, he’s going to find out, and when he does, how will he forgive me?


I thought I screwed everything up.

I ran so he would never know I was pregnant.

I was afraid to face him, to tell him the truth.

And as time passed, I just couldn’t face things.

But he’s back in my life…

“I love you.”

He said it. He said it to me, and it’s now or never. I need to tell him my son is his.

“I love you, too,” I say, “More than I can ever say.”

What’s wrong with me? This gorgeous man, this perfect man who looks like the perfect picture of everything that makes a man sexy, strong, and… well, everything. He’s right in front of me. Why can’t I tell him?

This sexy man thinks my son’s father just isn’t in the picture. He has no idea I kept him from seeing his son’s first steps, from holding him as a newborn. He has no idea the father is very much in the picture but has no idea.

He’s everything I want.

And he has no idea he’s my baby’s father.

And I can’t figure out how to tell him.

And as time passes, keeping the secret grows more and more impossible!!!


Grumpy Major’s Secret Baby is a FULL-LENGTH standalone romance from the bestselling Grant Springs Grumpy Daddies series, and it’s the first in the series. This is Charlotte’s story and a soldier baby romance. Each book can be read on its own. Lose yourself in the charm of Grant Springs as we follow a group of grumpy men and the secretive women who love them. Enjoy reading it because I certainly enjoyed writing it!