Deal With The Billionaire: An Enemies To Lovers Forced Marriage Romance (City Billionaires Book 3)

by Lea Vaughn

“We have found you a match.”

You’ve found me a what now?

I wasn’t looking for a relationship. I wasn’t looking for anything. But my parents went behind my back and arranged a marriage.

Scrap that. They arranged a nightmare.

And there’s no way out of it.

A contract is in place, and I’m set to marry the man New York has dubbed The Ice Prince.

He’s cold, calculated, and a downright classhole. That’s right. Someone with a bit of class but an absolute —hole.

He might be every girl’s living fantasy, but he’s not mine.

Every girl might swoon over those perfectly sculpted abs, but not me.

Girls might be fooled by those sexy sky-blue eyes, but I won’t.

Until I move in with him.

The tension is thick, the air is palpable, and my body is reacting.

When something so cold makes me feel so hot…I realize…I’m done for.