Falling for My Billionaire Affair: Boss Fake Fiancé, Surprise Baby Romance

by Gianna Cole

As a distant, playboy billionaire, haunted by youthful love, my young tantalizing neighbor and employee crashes into my life and challenges all my resolve. I never thought I would honestly end up on my knees for her.

Surprised by having a beautiful woman in my bathroom that I only moved into within the last hour wasn’t what I expected. Her shock, seeing me step out of the shower with only a towel on, began a torrent of objects being thrown at my head.

I didn’t think I would see her again so soon until she once again crashed into my conference room, flushed, and breathing hard. Here she is though, the perfect woman who I can use as a fake fiancé and enjoy her sexy curves.

As a ruse starts to become real, my haunted pass and two pink lines shatter everything we could have had.