Billionaire Boss Box Set : Books 1-3 (Passion Series)

by Scarlett River

Secret Entanglement

(Billionaire Badboy Boss, Fake-Lovers, Blackmail)

Eager to keep my dream dance job, I go ahead with my billionaire’s boss scheme of pretending to be his girlfriend. But as the lines of what’s real and what’s pretend blur, I wonder if this job is worth putting my heart on the line for.

I’m on cloud nine. Not only did my dance team win a prestigious competition in Las Vegas, but Zac Gardella, a successful billionaire, offers me to run his dance studio in Nevada. It’s my dream come true. That is until I discover the decrepit state of the building. We only have two weeks to whip this place into shape, and Zac, who I soon realize is living off his family’s fortune, has no intention of lifting a finger.

Thankfully, I get help from his aunt. A former dancer and struggling now with type 2 diabetes, we bond quickly since I have battled the disease previously myself.

Confident that I can turn the dance hall around, I start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. That is until Zac takes all the credit for my hard work and introduces me as his girlfriend to his family. I won’t stand for this, but Zac blackmails me, having uncovered secrets from my past.

If I want to keep my job, I have to play along and pretend to be his girlfriend. I relent, knowing my pride isn’t worth ruining my career over. To my surprise, as I spend more and more time with Zac, I discover the real man underneath the hard-partying bad boy. My heart starts to melt, and before long our pretend touches and kisses become real.

Will I be able to reform a bad boy billionaire, or will he shatter my heart into a thousand pieces?

Secret Memories

(Billionaire boss, Amnesia, Love Triangle Romance)

Can this fresh start be a blessing or a curse? That’s what I keep asking myself after losing my memory in that terrible car crash. I don’t remember anything before waking up in the hospital. I want to listen to my heart and move on. Vance Jones, my sexy physical therapist makes it seem so simple. There’s something in the way he treats me, not as a patient but an equal. The more time together we spend the harder it is to deny there’s something here.

Still, I find myself struggling to escape the obligation of figuring out my old life and clearing through the fog of who I am and who I’ve left behind. The recurring dreams and nightmares of a mysterious blonde man with green eyes begin to haunt me. Who have I forgotten?

Vance is the first person to know and accept me for who I am since the accident. Everything about him seems right, but I can’t shake the idea that this mysterious dream man is more than a dream. Everyday the temptation is harder to resist. I have to choose to embrace my future or chase after my past.

Secret Twin

(Billionaire boss, Twins, Secret life)

Since moving to New York and opening my own catering business, life hasn’t been easy. My twin sister and I are both working our butts off to make our dreams come true, but are far from there yet. When I got the call from CEO Gregory Wells asking me to cater his billionaire boss’s retirement dinner I just about died inside. I thought this had to be the miracle I’ve been waiting for.

But a funny thing happened when I went in for the interview… Gregory mistook me for my twin sister and gave me the high-paying job on the spot. I decide to go along with it and pretend to be her, to stay in his good favor, but the more we work together the more I find myself falling for his charm and opening up.

It’s getting harder to hide that I’m not her. It’s so easy to be myself around him- easier than it’s been with anyone before. Will I be able to keep up my act and convince him I’m her? Or will he see through my lie?