Fake Fiancé's Baby Surprise: Enemies to Lovers Best Friend's Brother Romance

by J. L. Stark


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My best friend’s hot brother is insufferable. Now I have to play his fiancée in exchange for a room.

Museum work is a dream with low pay. Sharing costs is a necessity.

My best friend announces she’s moving out and suggests a brilliant plan: Be her brother’s fake fiancée in exchange for free rent.

Austin’s a damaged, grumpy, self-absorbed billionaire.

But it might work: I move in, fake date him to please his dad for a few months.

Once his dad retires, Austin takes over the company, and I save funds to move on.

Moving in was easy. But one unexpected kiss and I dream about him constantly.

Now the sizzling chemistry has evolved into friends with benefits.

Months later…the doctor says my flu is nothing that 9 months couldn’t cure.

I wonder if telling him is a mistake.

Because we aren’t married, and he’s got the means to take my baby and leave me with nothing.