Doctor Heat

by Catherine Tramell

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My presence is like a salt

That will always remind him of his pain

Even when I want to heal his misery


Dozens of stories are about a man

Falling in love with his lover's heart's receiver

I never read one about a man

Falling in love with the woman

Who was to give her heart to his dying lover

Before we heal, we first get hurt. But is it really healing or simply fooling the pain?

The Healing Sins Series is a collection of medical romance that will make you believe in happiness, overcome the pain, and hold on to your hopes while heat up your lust but make you desire a happy-ending romance.

In this first book, you will enjoy the twist of a doctor, Alex Monroe, falling in love with the sleeping patient, Haven Ricci. No. This is not the classic tale of Sleeping Beauty meeting her Prince Charming. This is a story of an extraordinary twist that will make you believe that happiness is yours when it has to be yours. With hotness on the side.