The Irresistible Wrong

by Elsa Duke

Is it so wrong that I tricked my so-called stepbrother into taking my v-card?


In my defense, I would rather give my innocence to this devil I know that

saved my life and possesses all the impossible attractive features

I wanted in a man than lose it to an angel I do not know.

Chiseled muscles and gorgeous tattoos which I can’t get my eyes off.

And a scorching hot firefighter.

But I promise I did not light up that smoky candle on purpose to set off the smoke alarm.

The attraction is overpowering, and I want forever with this so-called

stepbrother of mine who is one decade older than me.

There are three big problems with this.

One, Oliver and I couldn’t stand each other, and he still makes me feel he was born to drive me


Two, Oliver’s past keeps calling.

Three, Daddy says it is wrong and it would be over his dead body would he allow that happen.

What the hell do you do when the wrong that is so irresistible feels undeniably right?