Never Say Never: A Second Chance Surprise Pregnancy Romance (Small Town Heroes)

by Summer Brooks

Daniel Winchester needed to hide that smirk when he offered me a nanny position.

What did he think of himself?

Just because I was unemployed and pathetic didn’t mean that he was superior to me.

There was a reason why I’d dumped him years ago.

Daniel wasn’t the relationship type.

So I did what any smart woman would’ve done in my position.

I dumped him before he could dump me.

And then… he proved me wrong, moved on, and had a baby with someone else.

Well, now he was single, and I still didn’t regret my decision.

But I sure as hell made another bad one.

I said yes.

Yes to being his live-in nanny.

Yes to keeping my hands to myself.

Yes to never imagining a future together.

But you know what they say: never say never.

Especially when you’re pregnant and your boss is yet to find out…