Ex-Seal’s Surprise Baby: An Off-Limits Boss Romance

by Roya Kingsley

I never expected to hook up with my ex’s brother, let alone my new boss.

Daniel Radon’s not only a hot single dad, but a brave firefighter and ex-navy seal.

I’ve had a crush on him for years after his brother and I broke up.

I didn’t know his piercing gaze would set my heart ablaze, a forbidden desire that threatened to consume me whole.

The magnetic pull between us is intense, and our chemistry is undeniable.

He is my polar opposite but he makes me feel safe.

I long to be wrapped in his strong biceps, melting into a deep and passionate kiss.

Now I’m a professional nanny who tutors his daughter. Being his brother’s ex only makes it more awkward.

But as our love begins to ignite, chaos erupts in our lives.

Now, teetering on the precipice of uncertainty, I find myself caught in a dramatic cliffhanger.

Just when our desires reach their peak, a surprise revelation blindsides us…an unexpected pregnancy.