Babies For The Bossy Single Dad: An Off Limits Brother’s Best Friend Romance

by Luna Davis


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She’s my best friend's sister. I took her V-card, then ghosted her and moved away.

My best friend’s little sister went and grew up!

Damn, those curves.

I couldn't resist her when she looked at me with those seductive blue eyes.

The guilt was like a punch in the gut when she told me it was her first time.

I took the coward's way out.

I blocked her number and moved away.

Now, I’ve returned home a Billionaire single dad.

When searching for a live-in nanny, the temp agency sends none other than Daisy Carlile.

The way she loves my son makes me want her more than ever.

I know I hurt her, but I have to find a way to fix this.

Just being in her presence makes me stand at attention.

I can’t get her out of my mind.

We get tangled between the sheets again, but she’s still holding a grudge.

I’ll do whatever it takes to win back her heart.

This time...I’m not letting her go.

Especially after she tells me she’s carrying my babies.