Qualicum Bay Cove Sisterhood – Book 4: A West Coast Mysteries Series

by Victoria Michaels

At Vera’s insistence, Drew reluctantly sends his henchman to try to scare Morgan and her sisters, hoping to persuade them to see his side of the custody case. But when he learns his son Alex was involved, his fury is fast and powerful, especially when there are no positive results for his custody case. Drew and Vera pay a visit to Morgan’s lawyer, Michael, subtly threatening the firm he painstakingly built from the ground up. But Michael is not fazed – he has his own little surprise for the two conspirators.

Realizing they need to act, Drew and Vera set a new plan into motion, one that involves Morgan herself. Will they get away with it, or will the people who love Morgan intervene in time?

But the duo isn’t out of tricks yet. A visit to the resort incites fear in all involved, and Morgan is introduced to a new kind of pain, one she doesn’t know if she’ll get over.

Qualicum Bay Cove Resort is a place filled with love, danger, and suspense. It is also home for a wonderful sisterhood of women.

Louisa is the pensive and reasonable oldest sister. Roxi is the feisty, shoot first and ask questions later, middle sister. Morgan is the youngest of the three with a desperate need to help everyone and put everyone’s needs before her own.

The three sisters will each develop relationships with amazing and good-looking men they recently encounter. But can love find its way into the Qualicum Bay Cove Resort?

This inspirational romance series which explores divorce, discovery and renewing relationships shows the power of family and the bond between sisters. Anything is possible where there is love.

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