Mafia Sins : The Mansolillo’s Vengeance – A Mafia Series Book 3

by Sloane Peterson

I had the chance to start over, to have a regular life.

I couldn’t do it.

I’m always going to be drawn to the power that running a crime family gives me.

It’s who I am as a person.

So me, my brother, and my ex-boyfriend are rebuilding what I once lost us.

I can’t tell my FBI agent fiancé. He got me out once and if he knew that I jumped right back into it?

He’d never be able to forgive me. He’d never understand why I do this.

There’s a new villain on the horizon, someone who’s wiping out families completely and taking over their business.

It’s a threat unlike anything I’ve ever faced before, and I have no idea how to overcome this without losing everything and everyone I hold dear.

This is a standalone and the third book in Sloane Peterson’s Mafia Series. No cliff hangers here!