Grumpy Bosses and Daddies : A Contemporary Romance Box Set

by Claire Angel

Five Sizzling Hot Romance Stories!



Kelsie Stratton must escape her abusive boyfriend.

She takes her daughter back home which is not any less of trouble but she has no option.

She hopes she doesn’t run into her temperamental former ex-boyfriend, Earl Blackstone.

But….Wait… What?

Yes…Earl Blackstone is her new boss.

He’s just as drop dead sexy, impossibly gorgeous, and wonderfully beautiful as he was the last time she saw him.

No matter how much he is trying to be close to her and to win her back, she has to stay away even if she is falling madly, deeply, in love with him…


What happens when two brothers love the same woman?


Her Ex, Seth kicked her from his house when she informed him of her pregnancy.

He broke her heart and she hadn’t yet learned to trust.

Her best friend, Jen, sets her up on a blind date which she almost refused.

And when she saw Kane she almost fell on the ground.

He is her Ex’s brother, Kane.

Kane had a secret crush on her when she belonged to his brother. He tries to win her heart.

Everything turns upside down when Morgan is kidnapped.

Kane and Seth, unite to find her and now are set against each other in their quest to win her heart.

Caught in the middle, Morgan seeks to protect her child but fails to protect to her own heart.

Who she is gonna choose, the most rebellious jerk or the most handsome billionaire?



Gavin Harper’s standoffish vibes and his gruff tone just make me want him more.

He has a rough exterior, But I wasn’t expecting to be attracted to my boss, no matter how broad his shoulders were or how handsome he turned out to be.

I am more determined and keep my personal life out of the office even if the urge to run my fingers through his midnight black hair and gaze deep into his blue eyes is overwhelming.

The two things that keep me from acting is the ice-cold stare that he gives everyone, and the knowledge that the only happiness he has right now is at the end of a bottle.

Will I be able to melt that icy stare of his?


How you will react when you get to know that the man you have been lusting over is your biggest enemy?


Never trust a woman… I wish I knew this earlier.

I am going to get sole custody of my son and teach a lesson to my ex-wife, Tara.

Also, I am here to make sure Leila Sharp regrets for the rest of her life.

She is stunning; I couldn’t argue that.

She drew men to her like honey drew bears.

But she took everything from me, and I will do everything to destroy her.

How about seducing and humiliating her along with snatching away everything from her?


Riane didn’t expect trouble from her boyfriend, Mel, when she accepted a job as a nanny to a handsome, yet cold, grumpy and arrogant man, Leo until Mel guns her down…


The minute my prospective employer opened the door, I couldn’t stop staring up into those light gray eyes.

My stomach sank as did my hopes for this ideal job.

As bald as an egg Mr. Holbrook, gave no smile of greeting or welcome.

Yeah, he had the bad boy look going on.

I connected with his four year adorable old daughter, Skyler, immediately.

Leo is bitter and angry over his ex-wife.

But when she calls, he can’t stop himself from helping her.

He brought her home. He still have feelings for her?

I am still attracted to Leo, despite his cold arrogance.

Leo likes this beautiful, kind but also tough nanny, Riane. How can Leo handle his hot new nanny while keeping his suicidal ex-wife alive?

Standalone Happy Ever After Stories!