Ravished: An Age Gap Enemies to Lovers Romance Boxset

by E.A. Herrick


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Ravished by the Private Investigator

I had a one-night stand with Natalie, a girl who’s half my age.

Now I must protect her at all costs.

In this small town, I keep running into her…accidentally, at first.

I’m on a case and cannot get involved… but will break all my rules to save her.

Each time we meet, we fall into each other's arms.

Our chemistry ignites, flames erupting beneath the sheets, and I find myself falling for her like molten lava.

The taste of her lips on mine is to die for.

She confides in me, revealing a chilling truth: her controlling ex is out to find her and keep her for himself.

She’s told me why she’s so scared, but I’m afraid to tell her my truth.

What she doesn’t know is that I was hired by her ex to find her.

Ravished by the Mountain Ranger

I unexpectedly find Riley; half my age, and injured on my mountain.

I’m here to protect her but in my secluded cabin, sparks begin to fly.

While on the mountain, I find Riley with a sprained ankle.

But she refuses my help, so I carry her home to wrap her wound.

As a sudden storm hits, the fire is crackling.

Our bodies begin heating up.

Combine her curves with my abs, it’s a combo that’s hard to resist.

It’s thrilling and very sexy.

She could stay here wrapped in my arms for days.

All tangled up in the sheets, Riley tells me why she is hiding.

Her ex is a corrupt lawyer and is coming to silence her.

She's trusting me not to expose her, before she exposes him.

In the midst of our hot and intense romance, Riley's ex is closing in.

I must keep her alive to save this love that is way too enticing to resist.

Ravished by the Ex-Marine

Liam, my unexpected rescuer, turns out to be a possessive silver fox.

One I never expected to fall for.

My passion has always been marine research. But my world is shattered when I witness someone callously polluting the water.

Our gazes meet, and suddenly, the tranquility shatters into a storm of bullets.

Panic grips me, leading to a frantic 911 call.

Liam comes ashore and whisks me away to hide in a cave for safety.

He’s twice my age, but the way he grips me makes it clear that he is in control; all alpha, a feeling that both unnerves and excites me.

At first I didn’t want his protection, but soon the air inside crackles with a sexual tension that grows as we wait for them to leave.

This leads to an incredible chemistry that leaves us breathless and yearning for more.

As bullets pierce the air, the boundary between protector and lover blurs.

And I pray he can protect my heart as fiercely as he guards my life.

Ravished by the Firefighter

He’s the silver fox firefighter who descends the ladder and cradles my body to safety.

Now he’s started a fire he cannot put out.

I'm an investigative reporter fueled by my desire to expose the arsonist who killed my father years ago.

Every firefighter in the department, including Nate, is a suspect.

He soon becomes my unexpected ally, helping me to find the culprit.

As we work closely together, I'm consumed by thoughts of him.

We just can’t keep our hands off each other.

I ache to unveil the molten core hidden beneath his uniform.

After a steamy encounter, he confesses his true feelings for me.

I don’t know if I can trust him, or my heart.

I must navigate the twisted journey to a happily-ever-after, or the flames could leave us both in ashes.