The Witches of Hant Hollow 2: Gate Keepers

by D.F. Jones

USA Today bestselling author, D.F. Jones introduces book two of The Witches of Hant Hollow Trilogy.

Determined to find her mother, Lavender must navigate magic, romance, and time travel across otherworldly realms.

Lavender Doanhart inherited the gift of magic, like many in the Mage Alliance. Her happy-go-lucky life ends abruptly on Halloween night when a century-old family feud comes to a head, and supernatural forces of light and dark converge on her family’s mansion in Hant Hollow. As a result, the underworld engulfs her sorceress grandmother and mother, dragging them into the abyss. Call it intuition or just plain magic, but Lavender knows her mother is still alive and is willing to sacrifice her soul to save her.

Commander Brody Whitmore has risen through the Mage Alliance’s military ranks, becoming the regent’s right hand. Committed and driven to succeed until the day he meets a stubborn and headstrong witch who consumes his heart and soul. For over a hundred years, Brody and Lavender were inseparable. Then, on the night he decides to propose, the forces of Light and Dark collide in Hant Hollow, thrusting his magical lady into the battle of her life. The foolish woman thinks she can save him by breaking off their relationship, but he’s determined to fight at her side, even if he thinks she’s wrong.