Faking It with Mr. Uptight: Small Town, Grumpy, Single Dad, Enemies to Lovers Romance

by Jenna Jax


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I’m shimmying in my birthday suit and lost in my own impromptu dance party, when the lights flick on.

My breath catches in my throat at the scowling face of my grumpy neighbor and uninvited audience to my solo show.

As our eyes lock, tension simmers—is it lust or loathing I see stirring behind his icy gaze?

I daringly tease Jake, hoping to break through his uptight persona and see a different side of him.

But he storms off with a warning to lock up.

Through his dimly lit window, I catch a glimpse of Jake's tall figure leaning against his wall, his hand running through his thick dark hair.

What secrets lurk beneath his straight-laced surface?

When a scandal surfaces and justifies a crazy fake dating proposal, the two of us are drawn closer together than we planned.

As the mysteries unravel, it is clear that this sunshiney girl might be too much for Mr. Uptight.

If I can convince this tight-lipped hardass to dance, maybe the sparks of passion will ignite a full-blown fire of desire.