How far would you go to protect someone you love?

New medical romance story, with lots of twists and turns. 

Emily is worried about her husband going to Japan to study medical science while they’re expecting their first child. She decides not to tell him she’s pregnant because she’s afraid he’ll give up on his dream of working with the leading medical experts in his field to be home with her. 

How many people need to be affected terribly before things start to get better? 

She has no way of knowing her heartbreaking decision will entangle their lives with several other families… 

How many cover-ups can she handle? 

Alone, pregnant and scared, she can’t help but be anxious about the future. She can almost hear the pitter-patter of little feet when she hears the baby’s heartbeat for the first time. 

Will she withstand the pressure? 

You will be amazed at how many lives are affected by a single decision of one person.