The Billionaire's Doc ( Book 4 ): Hold Me Back & Protecting What's Mine in Medical Suspense Doctor Love Story

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Book 4 of 6: The Billionaire's Doc

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It had been the worst time of her life . . .

. . . but at least now the stalker was behind bars.

Would she be able to find love again?

Dr. Rhiannon Terrebonne’s new life in the cozy coastal town of Waterbury, Oregon, was exactly what she had wanted. The new hospital was perfect, and she’d even met the town’s most eligible bachelor, Peyton, a tech billionaire with a plan to save the world.

The first date sizzled . . .

. . . and the chemistry was undeniable.

She couldn’t get him off her mind—until the unthinkable happened. A huge explosion off the coast at an oil rig had victims pouring into the hospital.

Had the disaster at the oil rig been an accident?

While working through the casualties, a news broadcast stopped Rhiannon in her tracks. She had only gotten a glimpse, but as she watched the chaos, a face in the crowd turned her blood cold. She tried to phone Peyton, but he didn’t answer.

Terror set in.

Had her tormentor, Kyle Banner, been released from prison?

Could he have found her?

You’ll love this medical romance thriller, because it has all the steam you need—and twists you won’t expect!

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May 31, 2022