What to do to have a successful and fulfilling life?

11. Plan your trip

– even if you don’t know if it will be possible to go

This proposal may seem a little misleading that you are lying to yourself. Fooling yourself. But this is far away from the truth. It is a visualization.

If you plan something and look for solutions to get it, you usually get it. Although the matter seems impossible to do at the moment, in the end, it usually turns out to be possible. It’s just that you hadn’t seen that solution before because, in your head, this evil dwarf said it wasn’t possible. You don’t deserve that. 


But even if you don’t end up going on this vacation, just planning will bring you many good things. But don’t be surprised if everything comes true and you travel on your dream vacation, because anything is possible if only the will is strong enough. Don’t limit yourself to what you can and can’t do. Indulge in your desires and imagination.

Let’s take a look at what planning your dream vacation brings you even before you go:

1. You will learn a lot as you learn about the places you plan to go to

2. You fill your mind with positivity, and the negativity has no space in such planning 🙂

3. Planning is fun and exciting

4. Vacation planning is not a goal. It is an exciting journey where anything is possible.

The study also showed the highest spike in happiness came during the planning stage of a vacation as people enjoy the sense of anticipation.

In the study, the effect of vacation anticipation boosted happiness for eight weeks. After the vacation, happiness quickly dropped back to baseline levels for most people.

This, in my opinion, is the same as reading books. You immerse yourself in your world, and you are the writers who determine how everything will turn out.

Let’s start planning your dream vacation and be the writer of your life.

Love, Rachel