What to do to have a successful and fulfilling life?

12. Acknowledge & Deal with the unhappy moments

Let’s face it. Life is not a fairy tale. Life is survival, but we have to make ourselves the life we enjoy and not constantly struggle.

Forgive my language…..

SHIT happens to everyone. Yeah, you won’t believe it, but it is true. It happens to me, to you, to your co-workers, to your neighbors, to your children … To everyone without exception. To one a little more, the other a little less. But in the end, everything settles down.

It is necessary to always take note of the downsides. And avoid them if possible in the future. The most important thing is to take full advantage of the positive side of the situation. Like I said. The glass is half empty or half full. We don’t bother with whether the glass is made of glass or plastic. It is not essential. Let’s look at the content – the full side of a glass. 

When we need money, we hope for gold. When we are thirsty, we hope for water. But the most important thing is that it is half FULL. I can’t help myself with an empty half, and it’s irrelevant, so we ignore it if that is possible. 

You get some bad news, make a mistake, or feel like you’re in a funk, don’t try to pretend you’re happy. Acting is not healthy.

Acknowledge this feeling.
Go inside.
Look around.
Take the lesson and take a few moments to understand the position in which you got in. AND THEN …

Tell yourself.
That’s enough.
My life goes on.

Change the focus, leave those memories behind, and focus on the full side of the glass – life. This side has more benefits for you,

and you DESERVE it.


Till next time.

LoVe, Rachel