What to do to have a successful and fulfilling life?

13. The almighty power of the mind

Our mind is downright a mighty “computer,” but it can also destroy itself.

The mind is one of the most powerful weapons for you as well as for wars. But today, I will talk more about how powerful this weapon is and, even better said, tool in your well-being – life and how important it is with what your feed it. I think of food physically and mentally. For physical food, I will only list which foods are good. We will focus on mental food.

Best Foods to Boost Your Brain and Memory
1. Fatty fish
2. Coffee
3. Blueberries
4. Turmeric
5. Broccoli
>6. Pumpkin seeds
7. Dark chocolate 😀
8. Nuts
9. Oranges
10. Eggs
11. Green tea

Maybe someday I’ll cover this topic in more detail but let’s get to the one that fascinates me a lot. The power of the brain in regards to your mental and also physical health.

The story behind that fact.

In 1936, in India, recounts Nobel Laureate Bernard Lown in “The Lost Art of Healing,”

The scientist wanted to test the theory of brainpower. For the experiment, he needed a volunteer to go to the “last drop.” He finally got it, and it was a convict for hanging.

The scientist offered him the following offer. He will take part in an experiment where he could die without suffering. He has little chance of surviving in the experiment, as they would leave blood from his body to the last drop. 100%, however, they assured him that there would be no pain or suffering. The convict accepted the offer as he had nothing to lose.

They put him on a stretcher and tied his body so that he could not move. They then made a small incision in his wrist and placed a small aluminum pot under his arm.

The incision was flat, only his first layers of skin, but it was enough for him to believe that his veins were cut off.

A vial with a small valve was placed under the bed. Whit this, the scientist regulated the passage of liquid in the form of droplets that fell into the pot. Fake drip brigade began: First rapidly, then slowly, always loudly. The convict could hear a drop and count every drop of what he thought was his blood.

The scientist makes a move. The convict didn’t see it. The scientist closed the valve to allow the drop to fall. He makes him believe he had run out of blood.

After a few minutes, his face lost color and accelerated his heart rate. When the despair reached its climax, the scientist closed his mouth completely, and the convict fell into cardiac arrest and died.

His mind was 100% sure that was the time to die, and the whole body went off. What a brainpower.

The last time this happened to me. I talked to a friend who was so negative about all the world’s problems that I repeatedly warned her to abandon the topic. Since that didn’t happen, I simply “violently” ended the phone conversation. It took me almost a whole day for a 15-minute negative discussion to clear my brain and for my positive thoughts to prevail again. Fifteen minutes and then work nearly all day to put on the right mindset. It’s not worth it. You better avoid this at the beginning.

If you fill your brain with all the dirt of the world every day (news, tv, FB-sh** ….. there are some good things in these places, but you must find them first), your mind gets infected and becomes dangerous to yourself and your whole body.

I know that it is impossible to rule it out because everything is all around us. However, you have the power to keep this to a minimum. That means a few minutes a day to get to know the basics. Then you put it off and fill the brain with the positive. Positive friends, motivational books, novels, motivational audio-video…

Watch what you feed your spirit with because wrong food can kill you – literally.

Remove 90% of the dirt, and you will live 1000% better.

Till next time.

LoVe, Rachel